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Baylor's Art Briles responds to Jimbo Fisher's Big 12 title comment

As does a former Florida State quarterback who's now in the Big 12. The player did so with less force.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Conference realignment has caused a bit of a pissing match between the conferences to determine who really has the strongest strength of schedule.

The Big 12 implies the ACC and SEC are cowardly for only playing eight conference games per season, while Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said at ACC Media Days that it's "ridiculous" that certain conference champions (like the Big 12's) don't have to play in conference championship games.

Let's check in with Baylor head coach Art Briles, reigning Big 12 champion, on that:

And quarterback Clint Trickett, who used to play quarterback for Fisher at Florida State and now plays at West Virginia in the Big 12, has very clearly switched allegiances. A tongue-in-cheek retort:

Trickett is the son of Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett, and this is clearly just some light-hearted banter. With Briles, it got a little more real.