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This video shows Michigan WR knocking man out cold, say police

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Redshirt freshman Csont'e York has been suspended indefinitely.

Michigan announced the indefinite suspension of redshirt freshman wide receiver Csont'e York early in August for a failure to meet team standards, which seemed to have something to do with three assault charges filed against him. More light has been shed on the July incident, in a video released by Ann Arbor Police and posted on YouTube by MLive.

York, who according to police can be seen at the top of the frame wearing a fishing hat and what appears to be a denim jacket, knocks a man out with a sucker-punch after what appears to be a brief argument.

The MLive report says York told police he punched the man after he "pressed up on" York's teammate and said, "You think you're really tough; you guys are some (expletive)." The report says the victim broke his jaw in three places and required the use of a breathing tube.

According to the report, witnesses told police the two groups had an argument about football and hockey. York reportedly told police he thought the man was on Michigan's hockey team, but there's no evidence to suggest this is the case.