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Slow Jams for Sad Teams, the honest college football hype video mix

Did your school lose more games than they won? Then they don't deserve a badass hype video. They deserve a slow jam.

The college football team you root for has a video department. That video department loves this time of the year, because it is when they get to show off their talents by working on their biggest offseason project: the hype video. Highlights of circus catches, picture-perfect touchdown throws, blindside sacks on the opposition, all set to some uptempo rap or rock or similar.

This makes sense for a team like Oklahoma, coming off an 11-win season and a great bowl win over Alabama. But every program does the same thing, no matter how lousy they are. At best, it's putting lipstick on a pig. At worst, it's outright fraud. And we are here to stop it.

Some teams had terrible seasons. Rather than ignore that with blind optimism and BPM, we will embrace it. These are Slow Jams for Sad Teams.





PURDUE (we recognize this is not a slow jam, but Purdue is not football)



Call us today, losing teams of last season. Our rates are competitive and our knowledge of slow jams is near encyclopedic.