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Volcano could jeopardize Penn State-UCF game in Ireland

An Icelandic volcano has an increased risk of eruption and could shut down air travel to Ireland, where the Nittany Lions and Knights will play.

Iceland GeoSurvey, via Australian National University

SB Nation 2014 College Football Guide

Update, August 23: Uh-oh.

Original, August 20: Penn State and Central Florida will be kicking off the season in Ireland next Saturday ... as long as an Icelandic volcano doesn't ruin their plans.

The risk of a volcano called Bárðarbunga erupting has increased greatly in recent days, and scientists fear that there's the possibility for an eruption soon. No, Iceland is not Ireland, but the last time an Icelandic volcano erupted, in 2010, ash from the eruption cancelled 100,000 flights in Europe. Ireland would be in the way of the ash cloud, and it could potentially keep Penn State and UCF from getting to — or getting back from — Dublin. The teams arrive in Ireland on August 27.

Of course, there probably won't be anything to worry about. However, the increased risk has been enough to get the attention of Penn State administrators.

On one hand, the canceling of what should be a fun game would be a shame, and we absolutely hope everyone stays safe. On the other hand ... how many chances do you really get in your lifetime to see a volcano cancel a football game?