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Volcano could force Penn State-UCF game to American stadium

A volcano could force American football teams to play football in America.

Iceland GeoSurvey, via Australian National University

Officials from Penn State and Central Florida are currently seeking a domestic neutral site to play next Saturday's Croake Park Classic if volcanic activity in Iceland prevents air travel from the United States to Ireland.

Penn State confirmed both schools are still planning on traveling to Dublin Tuesday, but a source says the schools are also currently looking for a stadium to play the Aug. 30 game. UCF is the designated home team in Ireland. Bright House Networks Stadium in Orlando doesn't host its first game of the season until Sept. 20, but would be available.

If FAA or international air travel restrictions are in place, preventing the teams from traveling by a "to-be-determined date this coming week," the teams will elect to play the game domestically this weekend, according to a source. The schools do not have a matching bye week this season.

"Over the past several days we have been talking with officials from UCF, the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association)  and United Airlines, our charter provider," Penn State said in a statement. "We continue to monitor the situation and maintain regular communication with all parties."

Penn State could potentially play a game on Dec. 4, because of sanctions preventing the Nittany Lions from appearing in the Big Ten Championship, but UCF is a member of the AAC, a conference without a title game that schedules through the first week of December.