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Talk Saturday college football with SB Nation Live!

Let's have us a Saturday, friends! Clemson-Georgia, LSU-Wisconsin, and more on the way. Full TV and streaming schedule here.Get the most recent College Football scores Go To the SB Nation Scoreboard

Tom Pennington


Jason Kirk [11:49 PM]:

Aight y’all. Thanks for hanging with us. After 12 hours, we’re gonna cut off Live for the week. LET’S DO IT 14+ MORE TIMES!

Ian Boyd [11:46 PM]:

Gonna take in more of this Wiscy-LSU game that I actually ended to watch post-Texas

UNA [11:46 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Or bad snap or block

Rodger Sherman [11:44 PM]:

a punt probably would’ve also worked, but runs the risk of a shank that ends up being returne

UNA [11:44 PM]:

Best call of the game by Jimbo

Rodger Sherman [11:44 PM]:

i’ve long imagined that scenario, where just skying the ball would be the most effective way to kill the clock

Passive Voice [11:44 PM]:

heismanworthy sky heave there

Ian Boyd [11:43 PM]:

Interesting tactic by FSU there

Rodger Sherman [11:43 PM]:

i’ve always wanted to see that play!

Jason Kirk [11:42 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey agreed!

Steven Godfrey [11:41 PM]:

I’m sure UGA and TAMU would offer their one-game resumes

Steven Godfrey [11:40 PM]:

@Jason Kirk That’s a bit reactionary

Spencer Hall [11:40 PM]:

@Ian Boyd Fumble, that’s really the only thing that could have workd

Ian Boyd [11:40 PM]:

Is it possible for OSU to win this game?

Jason Kirk [11:38 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman technically but sure doesn’t seem like it!

Ian Boyd [11:38 PM]:

OK st showing all kinds of fight

Rodger Sherman [11:37 PM]:

nope, i guess

Rodger Sherman [11:37 PM]:

still a ballgame after the hold?

Sean Yancy [11:35 PM]:

Tackle. And strip. Tackle. And strip.

UNA [11:33 PM]:

I am having FSU-NCST flashbacks

Ian Boyd [11:33 PM]:

Oklahoma State’s run game is different now with new OL coach Bob Connelly, Bill’s Uncle

Passive Voice [11:31 PM]:

hat as hell

Sean Yancy [11:30 PM]:

Oh, Les

UNA [11:30 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Florida is still undefeated

Oh No Romo [11:29 PM]:

Washington is up 14-10

UNA [11:28 PM]:

@Jason Kirk They still in the pennant race?

Jason Kirk [11:28 PM]:

Clay Wendler [11:28 PM]:

Passive Voice [11:28 PM]:


Jason Kirk [11:27 PM]:

@UNA yankees, i bet

Ian Boyd [11:27 PM]:

That O’Leary/Greene combo to one side of the field is more or less FSU’s base offense. So hard to stop

UNA [11:26 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Who didn’t watch once it went on upset alert?

schwizzy [11:26 PM]:

Why isn’t FSU going for two?

Ian Boyd [11:26 PM]:

Rashad Greene.

Clay Wendler [11:26 PM]:

Jason Kirk [11:26 PM]:

That’ll do it. #1 will stay #1, and anybody who didn’t watch will be none the wiser.

schwizzy [11:25 PM]:

Well that escalted quickly

Rodger Sherman [11:25 PM]:

And welp

Rodger Sherman [11:25 PM]:

It looks like he reached out to secure himself from totally dying with the hand which was holding the ball

UNA [11:25 PM]:

I remember playing JW Walsh Football on Sega Genesis

Ian Boyd [11:25 PM]:

I see the FSU OL is still overrated

Passive Voice [11:24 PM]:

JW Walsh is my new favourite creature. Just a tonne of fun.

Ian Boyd [11:24 PM]:

Easiest way force a fumble is with the flip, I think

Rodger Sherman [11:24 PM]:


Pete Volk [11:24 PM]:

Fun fact: The “J.W.” in “J.W. Walsh” does not stand for “Jameis Winston.”

Rodger Sherman [11:20 PM]:

Six point game. Good thing touchdowns are only worth six points.

Spencer Hall [11:20 PM]:

Been so busy watching OK State cling by its fingertips to this ledge that I totally forgot LSU was getting beat on by Wisconsin

Clay Wendler [11:19 PM]:

Connor Tapp [11:19 PM]:

LSU just earned a delay of game on the kickoff to open the second half. Hell of an accomplishment.

schwizzy [11:18 PM]:

Kickoff Delay of Game… Somehow this is Les’ Fault

Rodger Sherman [11:15 PM]:


UNA [11:13 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman I knew it was a early season game and a score on the first or second drive

Connor Tapp [11:12 PM]:

@UNA First game hasn’t looked good for a lot of teams we thought would be good in 2014. Still so many unknowns at this point.

Rodger Sherman [11:11 PM]:

Spencer Hall [11:11 PM]:


Spencer Hall [11:11 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [11:10 PM]:

@UNA appears to have been Pitt rather than Nevada, but, still

UNA [11:10 PM]:

Cowboys deserve to win this game. Doesn’t look good for FSU in 2014

UNA [11:07 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman BC, Auburn and i think Nevada

Rodger Sherman [11:07 PM]:

okay so I misread what down it was and FSU still has the ball but uh i still want to know

Rodger Sherman [11:06 PM]:

so, before this Oklahoma State drive… how many times was FSU trailing last year?

Jason Kirk [11:05 PM]:

@UNA probably

UNA [11:05 PM]:

If FSU loses, can we use the bama “It wasn’t a championship so we were not motivated” excuse?

Spencer Hall [11:03 PM]:

Need Jameis Winston to make an impulsive mistake. This NEVER happens.

Passive Voice [11:01 PM]:

JW Walsh and the Sharp Intakes of Breath

Oh No Romo [11:01 PM]:

Wow, Walsh is fast

Rodger Sherman [11:01 PM]:

woah JW Walsh is speedy

Jason Kirk [11:00 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:58 PM]:

Spencer Hall [10:57 PM]:

Game report from the best result in recent Florida history:

UNA [10:54 PM]:

@Connor Tapp I agree. Wasn’t a fumble but he was down at the 1

Jason Kirk [10:51 PM]:

How much do we wanna bet “5-6 Florida applies for bowl waiver” is a thing that happens

Siems [10:50 PM]:

Some of those pictures from The Swamp are just awesome

Connor Tapp [10:48 PM]:

oh no

Clay Wendler [10:46 PM]:

Bud Elliott [10:46 PM]:

UF has played makeup games before, I think. I know Miami did (v. UCLA in 1998, the Edgerrin James game)

Siems [10:45 PM]:

If Gordon could have broken that run just now…

Connor Tapp [10:44 PM]:

I’m only joking a little bit but what if this ends up deciding whether Florida goes to a bowl game

Steven Godfrey [10:43 PM]:

@nate.siems To hell with InfoWars… J E V A N S N E A D

Siems [10:43 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey He just mentioned something about ceilings and basements. Not sure if he was talking QBs or split level homes in the Houston area

Siems [10:42 PM]:

LSU just pulled Jennings for Harris at QB

Steven Godfrey [10:42 PM]:

I’ve failed to mention this so far, but having Todd McShay fart out scouting reports from the sideline is the WORST

Jason Kirk [10:42 PM]:

Idaho-Florida canceled:

Oh No Romo [10:42 PM]:

Hawaii is already up 7-0 on Washington.

Clay Wendler [10:42 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [10:41 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Just that much more time to search Craigslist

Siems [10:41 PM]:

@Connor Tapp In fairness, he did get caught eventually on that run.

Spencer Hall [10:41 PM]:

Jameis is pretty mobile. Like he could escape from a space without being noticed, perhaps while carrying something.

Connor Tapp [10:39 PM]:

@nate.siems someone’s about to make a crab joke I can feel it

Oh No Romo [10:39 PM]:

Now what will Paul Petrino spend the rest of his Saturday night doing?

Clay Wendler [10:39 PM]:

Siems [10:39 PM]:

@Jason Kirk He could have had some pretty impressive runs from the bullpen to the mound

Steven Godfrey [10:38 PM]:

Connor Tapp [10:38 PM]:

Think Jameis was down just before he went it but still

Oh No Romo [10:38 PM]:

USF just took the lead.

Jason Kirk [10:38 PM]:

As far as I know.

Jason Kirk [10:38 PM]:

Jameis Winston just had his most impressive run ever.

Siems [10:37 PM]:

Thank the Good Lord that we have Bill when we play Shooty Hoops

Siems [10:37 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Yeah…I’m not proud that Weis is my team’s coach…

Steven Godfrey [10:37 PM]:

Well damn, that’s just…

Bud Elliott [10:37 PM]:


Bud Elliott [10:37 PM]:

clay if now

Oh No Romo [10:36 PM]:

Siems [10:36 PM]:

The QB play in the Wisconsin/LSU game is physically painful to me.

Sean Yancy [10:32 PM]:

@Connor Tapp I think JT Walsh is that character actor RIP

Steven Godfrey [10:31 PM]:

For reference – Mississippi State only allowed 21 points vs. Okie State’s diamond offense in last year’s neutral site opener. And that was a much better Poke offense

Oh No Romo [10:30 PM]:

@Connor Tapp James Patterson’s worst enemy.

Clay Wendler [10:30 PM]:

oooh almost had it OSU gotta be quicker than that

Connor Tapp [10:30 PM]:

J.W. Walsh is the name of a man with at least one best-selling crime thriller

Sean Yancy [10:29 PM]:

man that OSU mascot scary as hell

Clay Wendler [10:26 PM]:

Spencer Hall [10:26 PM]:

OK State’s Ogbah just did something wicked to his knee jumping up and down and celebrating.

Oh No Romo [10:25 PM]:

@Spencer Hall I’m amazed the relationship had gotten this far. They did it down on the field with the USF mascot standing nearby. I wish I got the screencap.

Clay Wendler [10:24 PM]:

Spencer Hall [10:24 PM]:


Oh No Romo [10:23 PM]:

Wait, there was a marriage proposal at a USF game?

Jason Kirk [10:23 PM]:

Graphical analysis by @sbnation

Spencer Hall [10:23 PM]:

I dunno, that’s an OK State player running past five future NFL draft picks

Jason Kirk [10:21 PM]:

Jameis seems to be facing a lot of pressure, considering he’s got The Country’s Best Offensive Line and all.

Clay Wendler [10:18 PM]:

Jason Kirk [10:18 PM]:

Michael Katz [10:17 PM]:

This just got Jeremy Linteresting

Spencer Hall [10:17 PM]:

GOOOOOOO POKES. Long TD, now only trail 20-17

Pete Volk [10:17 PM]:

Aaaaand touchdown Oklahoma State. No one near the receiver, FSU coverage failed

Pete Volk [10:16 PM]:

Oklahoma State drivin’ against Florida State, down 20-10

Michael Katz [10:16 PM]:

Hey, guys — what time is the game?

Rodger Sherman [10:16 PM]:

Wisconsin got a player named “Beagle?”

Jason Kirk [10:14 PM]:

Wisconsin heavepunt had me wondering the same thing

UNA [10:13 PM]:

Stolen from TN: I feel for Muschamp. Florida needs that win to get bowl eligible

Jason Kirk [10:12 PM]:

Re: whether Idaho-Florida actually gets played or not!

Jason Kirk [10:12 PM]:

Oh No Romo [10:09 PM]:

Jason Kirk [10:09 PM]:

Jason Kirk [10:06 PM]:


Mississippi State, Southern Miss mascots recreate legendary cooler photo

Kick up your feet and enjoy the Magnolia State’s breeziest rivalry.

Spencer Hall [9:59 PM]:

Jennings just butchered a zone read as badly as one could do it

Jason Kirk [9:54 PM]:

Florida delayed again! Great special teams performance.

schwizzy [9:54 PM]:

And just like that #PunchPoncho is gone

UNA [9:54 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Honkey Tonk Man circa 1988

Steven Godfrey [9:53 PM]:

Pretty cool that USM/MSU updated that photo

Steven Godfrey [9:53 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [9:51 PM]:

LSU scores and a herd of “Well shit, I guess we might beat Bama” comes wandering by

Oh No Romo [9:51 PM]:

Well, LSU got back into the game pretty quick.

Jason Kirk [9:51 PM]:

Wisconsin-LSU shootout ahoy. 80-yard TIGERBOMB

Clay Wendler [9:51 PM]:

Spencer Hall [9:51 PM]:

Giving our offense a short field? THREE POINTS COMIN’

schwizzy [9:50 PM]:

Also Puncho Poncho

TerryBoudain [9:50 PM]:

Decent start for Florida.

schwizzy [9:50 PM]:

Wet Muschamp isn’t quite as delightful as wet Herrera is he?

Ryan Nanni [9:49 PM]:


Clay Wendler [9:48 PM]:

Oh No Romo [9:48 PM]:

USF got a field goal before halftime. Western Carolina’s lead is 17-16.

Spencer Hall [9:48 PM]:

Florida, at last, is kicking off.

Connor Tapp [9:48 PM]:

“Houston has one of the most significant museum districts in the country,” per Houston commercial. Bold take.

Steven Godfrey [9:47 PM]:

Well, the elusive Louisiana “SHIT I TOLD YOU, DAMN 7-5 THIS YEAR, MILES AINT WORTH SHIT” has been spotted in my text messages

Connor Tapp [9:47 PM]:

@schwizzy gorgeous

Passive Voice [9:46 PM]:

Wisconsin kicker got that gut.

schwizzy [9:46 PM]:

#B1G kicker gutt

Steven Godfrey [9:45 PM]:

USF trails Western Carolina. That might start some real pressure in Tampa

Clay Wendler [9:43 PM]:

3rd round pick at BEST

UNA [9:43 PM]:

Here Jameis eat some crab legs, you’re not you when you’re hungry

Clay Wendler [9:43 PM]:

Jason Kirk [9:43 PM]:


Wisconsin's Konrad Zagzebski carted off after nasty collision

The backup redshirt senior defensive end showed movement in his legs while being stabilized by trainers.

Sean Yancy [9:40 PM]:

Florida band doing punk covers during the 10 minute halftime.

GloboNole [9:40 PM]:

Honestly… can you spike from the gun? That looks like grounding….

Spencer Hall [9:37 PM]:

LOL Oklahoma State with the slappin’-est spike play ever

Steven Godfrey [9:35 PM]:

Not good things on the field in Houston right now

Spencer Hall [9:34 PM]:


Jason Kirk [9:28 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:27 PM]:

Jason Kirk [9:26 PM]:

Stone Cold picked Wisconsin, and has yet to be wrong otherwise.

Oh No Romo [9:26 PM]:

Marlon Mack scores on 62-yard run and now the Western Carolina lead is down to 14-13.

Jason Kirk [9:26 PM]:


Stone Cold Steve Austin drinks beer on 'College GameDay,' everybody shoots guns


UNA [9:25 PM]:

I Ain’t Dead Yet – Okie Lite

Jason Kirk [9:25 PM]:

Spencer Hall [9:24 PM]:

Feel like this is gonna just make FSU mad

Jason Kirk [9:24 PM]:

Wisconsin bashin’ LSU a little bit. 7-0

schwizzy [9:24 PM]:

#B1G Speed

Trevor Magnotti [9:24 PM]:

We’re in Year Two post-Bert and it still is wierd to watch Wisconsin break big plays.

Steven Godfrey [9:20 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Hogville won’t notice that.

Steven Godfrey [9:19 PM]:

I’ve opted to drink all the summer beer in the house before it’s a faux pas after Labor Day. Also, anyone gambling tonight?

Jason Kirk [9:18 PM]:


3 things we learned from Georgia's beatdown of Clemson

It’s Todd Gurley’s world, we’re just living in it.

Oh No Romo [9:17 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Also, Hawaii and Washington over an hour from now.

Jason Kirk [9:15 PM]:

Well, that was a fun Saturday of college football. Let’s all turn in and OH WAIT LSU-WISCONSIN

Jason Kirk [9:13 PM]:

Georgia still running plays with a minute to go. Evil Richt.

Steven Godfrey [9:13 PM]:

It’s 8:12 p.m. in the middle of this great nation, and “undefeated Florida” is a factually correct statement

Jason Kirk [9:12 PM]:

Coming into the season, Clemson’s defensive line looked to be FSU’s single biggest threat on the year. welp

Clay Wendler [9:12 PM]:


Spencer Hall [9:11 PM]:

Barn cheatin’:

Jason Kirk [9:11 PM]:

“You have any goals, Todd? He said, ‘Nah.’” — Blackledge

Clay Wendler [9:09 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [9:08 PM]:

Leonard Williams INT. Sigh.

Matthew Kenerly [9:07 PM]:

Aaaand now

Matthew Kenerly [9:07 PM]:

Cody Kessler has 310 yards passing and 3 TDs. At halftime.

Trevor Magnotti [9:06 PM]:

I look forward to South Carolina murdering Georgia next week because SEC East.

Jason Kirk [9:06 PM]:

Most impressive Georgia game since … ?

Jason Kirk [9:04 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [9:04 PM]:

Starting to think Pac-12 defenses will want to start game planning for Adoree’ Jackson. 31-7, USC

Jason Kirk [9:04 PM]:

I dare say that dang ball’s finally been runned.

Pete Volk [9:03 PM]:

Two straight one-play TD drives for Georgia

Spencer Hall [9:02 PM]:

@UNA I think I’d probably just leave, because some idiot just punched me while I was wearing a helmet.

KD 13 [9:02 PM]:

Gurley gone holy shit

Connor Tapp [9:01 PM]:

Clemson punting down 17 with 7:44 to go, so this might be over real soon.

Jason Kirk [9:01 PM]:

Todd Grantham’s name is not a well-respected one on #UGAtwitter this evening, nor is it ever

UNA [8:59 PM]:

@Spencer Hall I would talk shit too if a guy just threw a punch at me

Jason Kirk [8:58 PM]:

Georgia has 38 points with 131 yards passing

Connor Tapp [8:57 PM]:

Chubb’s next game is against South Carolina so that’ll probably be a lot of fun for your eyes if you’re not a South Carolina fan like me.

Spencer Hall [8:57 PM]:

Jameis Winston talking shit to the OK State bench. [COLUMNIST SIGNAL BLAZED INTO SKY]

Bud Elliott [8:57 PM]:

And Jameis Winston is picked off on third down. Really bad red zone job by him. Two bad throws, and one bad read.

Matthew Kenerly [8:56 PM]:

USC isn’t going to give Fresno these kinds of opportunities going forward. Not good they couldn’t take advantage of turnovers.

Passive Voice [8:56 PM]:


Clay Wendler [8:55 PM]:

Connor Tapp [8:55 PM]:

Unbelievable how balanced Chubb stayed as he ran through about five Clemson defenders

Oh No Romo [8:55 PM]:

Now up 14-3

Spencer Hall [8:55 PM]:

I looked it up: you could totally leave the OK State game and go to the Reunion Tower in Dallas. Open until 10 pm local time!

Oh No Romo [8:55 PM]:

Western Carolina is now up, PAT pending, over South Florida

Steven Godfrey [8:54 PM]:

Back judge just got the shit knocked out of him in Starkville. I add only the most important news items to this discussion

Jason Kirk [8:53 PM]:

The other Georgia five-star RB smashed his way to the likely game-sealing TD. No, the other five-star. No, the other five-star.

KD 13 [8:53 PM]:

Nick Chubb lowers the casket

Connor Tapp [8:53 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [8:53 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [8:53 PM]:

The heavens have weighed Florida football, and they have found Florida football wanting.

Jason Kirk [8:51 PM]:


3 things we learned from Auburn's win over Arkansas

The Hogs showed they were no pushover, but the Tigers ground out a win at home to start their 2014 season.

Spencer Hall [8:49 PM]:

@Oh No Romo especially! #nsfw

Oh No Romo [8:48 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Even if that means Paul Petrino is part of the game?

Pete Volk [8:48 PM]:

Florida update!

Pete Volk [8:48 PM]:

Trevor Magnotti [8:47 PM]:

Liberty has turned into Purdue in this second half. UNC putting it away.

KD 13 [8:46 PM]:

Not a fumble. That kid’s dead, but he didn’t fumble.

Spencer Hall [8:45 PM]:

Gonna be fine. Better to have a Florida game happen in the dark of night where few will see it.

Ryan Nanni [8:45 PM]:

Todd Gurley, where are the passing yards? My Column:

Matthew Kenerly [8:45 PM]:

Brandon Connette bringing some of that #goacc magic to Fresno, he enters the game and the ’Dogs march to a score.

schwizzy [8:44 PM]:

Late Night Florida, is Spencer gonna be alright?

Bud Elliott [8:44 PM]:

I’d say Gurley was awesome there, but … look at that hole!!

Clay Wendler [8:43 PM]:

Spencer Hall [8:43 PM]:

Todd Gurley is averaging around ten yards a carry is that good?

KD 13 [8:41 PM]:

Gurley gone

KD 13 [8:39 PM]:

A smooth 38 yards

Jason Kirk [8:39 PM]:

Todd Gurley is invincible. If there weren’t sidelines, he’d have a trillion yards.

KD 13 [8:39 PM]:

And there goes Gurley

Trevor Magnotti [8:38 PM]:

Whoops false alarm, just Rather Husky Linebacker TD

Trevor Magnotti [8:37 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [8:36 PM]:

Finebaum prediction: Alabama’s close game proves they can only get better while FSU’s clearly reached its ceiling

Clay Wendler [8:33 PM]:

KD 13 [8:33 PM]:

Philip Rivers?

Spencer Hall [8:33 PM]:

Apropos of nothing: I think college football season will generate some results for this search:

Jason Kirk [8:32 PM]:

Georgia’s Josh Dawson just did a rasslin’ move on Cole Stoudt, the name of which escapes me

Passive Voice [8:31 PM]:

Florida State looks like Georgia Tech but with red instead of blue highlights

Bud Elliott [8:29 PM]:

I mean, that’s a nice play by Andrews, but FSU wasn’t in some complex defense there.

Bud Elliott [8:28 PM]:

Wow, horrible read by J.W. Walsh. Pick-6. FSU running simple cover-3 there. Dumb dumb dumb. Nate Andrews.

KD 13 [8:27 PM]:

UGA flat out owning the field position battle right now

KD 13 [8:26 PM]:

@Trevor Magnotti That is awesome

Bud Elliott [8:26 PM]:

Encouraging that Jameis Winston took his checkdowns and didn’t try to force the ball deep when Okie State was sitting back.

Jason Kirk [8:23 PM]:

Arkansas-Auburn is back on SEC Network, btw

Trevor Magnotti [8:22 PM]:

Bud Elliott [8:22 PM]:

Okie State, replacing basically its entire back seven, is sitting back in some soft zone so far. Not surprising.

Spencer Hall [8:21 PM]:

Yes but UNC’s coach is ripped as hell, man

Trevor Magnotti [8:21 PM]:

@KD 13 He actually kinda looks like Clay Matthews

Trevor Magnotti [8:21 PM]:

Related: UNC just lost the lead on a fumble return for TD

KD 13 [8:21 PM]:

is it julius peppers

Trevor Magnotti [8:20 PM]:

Not sure if anyone has seen this but UNC has had a guy in their timeout huddle wearing a Julius Peppers Packers jersey.

Rodger Sherman [8:19 PM]:


Connor Tapp [8:19 PM]:

Clemson’s defensive line bows up and tackles Todd Gurley for a loss, which is apparently something that is possible to do.

Oh No Romo [8:19 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Ron Turner will figure it out…eventually.

Spencer Hall [8:19 PM]:

KD 13 [8:19 PM]:

Whoa, Todd Gurley is semi-human. Kind of.

Matthew Kenerly [8:18 PM]:

already over?

Matthew Kenerly [8:18 PM]:

Is it terrible of me to say this USC game is a

KD 13 [8:17 PM]:

Haha, the trivia question is about Blackledge?

Bud Elliott [8:17 PM]:

Didn’t matter much, but FSU sent two corner blitzes on the first three plays. Have to had seen something in watching Okie State.

Jason Kirk [8:16 PM]:

Jason Kirk [8:15 PM]:

But it’s an attractive 7

Spencer Hall [8:15 PM]:

Texas Tech is losing to Central Arkansas 16-7. I’ll assume Kliff’s just sandbagging.

Matthew Kenerly [8:13 PM]:

My God… this is even worse than Vegas.

Trevor Magnotti [8:12 PM]:

UNC just turned a ridiculous Ryan Switzer punt return into an endzone pick. This game is performance art

Jason Kirk [8:12 PM]:

FSU’s new uniforms sure are made of fabric and being worn Also I think they are good

Steven Godfrey [8:11 PM]:

A final in Laramie, 17-12 WYO! Craig Bohl the FBS killer has brought bloodlust to the Rockies.

Spencer Hall [8:11 PM]:


Clay Wendler [8:11 PM]:

Connor Tapp [8:11 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Does Saban have the ever-so-rare just-above-the-right-ear bald spot?

Matthew Kenerly [8:11 PM]:

Fresno suffering from bad JuJu so far… I’ll show myself out

Jason Kirk [8:10 PM]:


Steven Godfrey [8:09 PM]:

Georgia don’t give a shit about physics right now. (What else is new? replies all my 4-8 Gator friends!)

Connor Tapp [8:09 PM]:

So Nick Chubb is living up to his Vine hype

Matthew Kenerly [8:08 PM]:

I’m so glad that Burrell can run a little bit, too. USC is too fast to keep running screens.

Spencer Hall [8:08 PM]:

@Jason Kirk should be missy elliott

Jason Kirk [8:07 PM]:

Meanwhile in Auburn

Jason Kirk [8:06 PM]:

@Trevor Magnotti reasonable

Trevor Magnotti [8:06 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Buddy is a Tar Heel fan and this game combined with his reactions is better than Clemson/Georgia right now.

Jason Kirk [8:05 PM]:

Todd Gurley just shook preseason ACC POY runner-up Vic Beasley as if he were a shawl

Jason Kirk [8:04 PM]:

@Trevor Magnotti why the hell did you do that

Spencer Hall [8:04 PM]:

It might be a very long night for Fresno

Trevor Magnotti [8:03 PM]:

Guys, I’ve watched the full first half of UNC/Liberty and have no idea how any of this is happening.

Jason Kirk [8:03 PM]:

In case you’ve missed any dumb or smart things we’ve put up today, they’re all in here:

Spencer Hall [8:02 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [8:00 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey it’s football not mario dangit

Oh No Romo [8:00 PM]:

Memphis is up 28-0 over Austin Peay with more than 12 minutes until halftime.

Peter Berkes [7:56 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Rumor has it they’ll get back out there at 8:20 ET, barring further weatherin’

Navy_Rebel [7:56 PM]:

USM with a goal line stand is progress.

Jason Kirk [7:54 PM]:

Hey Arkansas-Auburn, y’all plan on finishing that thing up or nah

Navy_Rebel [7:53 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey He’s paying players PAWWWWLLLLLLLLLL!

Pete Volk [7:53 PM]:


This 63-yard throw suggests Everett Golson is back

Five total touchdowns doesn’t hurt, either.

Jason Kirk [7:52 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey hayll

Steven Godfrey [7:51 PM]:

Mullen’s givin’ out GOLD COINS to players! Amateurism, sheyitttt

KD 13 [7:50 PM]:

7-8 in the SEC still probably wins the East, though

Jason Kirk [7:48 PM]:

FIRE BOBO (via @loljocks_grimey)

Jason Kirk [7:47 PM]:

Jason Kirk [7:47 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [7:47 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman This rumor has persisted

Rodger Sherman [7:44 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey the rumor was i ate it with pudding. this rumor is false. i just enjoy both pudding and cheezits

SkyonAir [7:44 PM]:

@Clay Wendler sheeeeit.

Steven Godfrey [7:44 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Don’t you have a weird combo for that? Peanut butter or something?

Steven Godfrey [7:43 PM]:

@Navy_Rebel Hi Duning

Clay Wendler [7:42 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [7:42 PM]:

ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease USM please pull the upset

Ian Boyd [7:41 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Although I like to eat my cheezits with popcorn.

Peter Berkes [7:41 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [7:40 PM]:

just cheezits

Rodger Sherman [7:40 PM]:


Spencer Hall [7:38 PM]:

@Jason Kirk please keep us posted on this important story and its developments

Spencer Hall [7:36 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Burger Win Chinese takeout, broccoli and beef

Jason Kirk [7:36 PM]:

USC players appear to be standing next to each other in relative calm on sideline and not doing anything overly dramatic. Updates pending

Ian Boyd [7:35 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni marriage is underrated.

Jason Kirk [7:35 PM]:

@Ian Boyd well damn

Ryan Nanni [7:35 PM]:

@Ian Boyd oooooo look who’s a sultan

Peter Berkes [7:34 PM]:

Oh hey, soaking wet dress shirts! (clanga)

Ian Boyd [7:34 PM]:

Molson, tilapia, sprouts for dinner. Chips and queso for snack

KD 13 [7:33 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Homemade cookies that are supposed to be for our guests and definitely not me. I will eat them all.

Ryan Nanni [7:32 PM]:

@Jason Kirk ice cream, because i am a child.

SkyonAir [7:32 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Ordered local pizza place for wings and dinner. I will be supplementing with Jelly Belly until then.

Peter Berkes [7:31 PM]:

@Jason Kirk sour patch kids

Pete Volk [7:31 PM]:

Liberty is now beating North Carolina. That’s Turner Gill’s team!

Steven Godfrey [7:31 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Tamales!

Jason Kirk [7:31 PM]:

As far as dranks and snacks go, how we looking during the pre-primetime lull?

Navy_Rebel [7:31 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Both teams will invariably blame TSUN, of course

Steven Godfrey [7:30 PM]:

@Oh No Romo If you think I don’t know people that buy Chick Fil-A and put it in the fridge for Sundays, you’re wrong

Peter Berkes [7:30 PM]:

Catching the Kentucky highlights. Braylon Heard should probably have gotten more than two carries.

Oh No Romo [7:29 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Will there be a section devoted to their breakfast choices?

Jason Kirk [7:28 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [7:28 PM]:

SECN is bumping Miss State vs. Southern Miss. to online only because the Auburn weather issues. My next Longform will be transcribing the collective outrage of the Rankin County Methodist Men’s Group tomorrow at 7am

Reggie Ball Owns Auburn [7:27 PM]:

Time to retire, Lou

Steven Godfrey [7:25 PM]:


Steven Godfrey [7:24 PM]:

Second weather delay for Wyoming. You guys can rent something on my iTunes account while you’re waiting.

Peter Berkes [7:23 PM]:

@Ian Boyd I hadn’t even thought of that yet. Kenny Bell is going to pull apart that secondary.

SkyonAir [7:23 PM]:

Scratch my previous comment, welcome to the eternal last 30 seconds of a quarter.

Ian Boyd [7:22 PM]:

How terrified of A&M are Alabama fans right now after gutting out that win vs WV?

Ian Boyd [7:20 PM]:

@KD 13 #collegekickers that was surely the worst of the year.

SkyonAir [7:19 PM]:

@Passive Voice That costs too much money they’re not paying for football with.

Pete Volk [7:19 PM]:

In FCS Upset watches: Duquesne leads Buffalo 28-24, North Carolina leads Liberty 14-7

Passive Voice [7:19 PM]:

is it more than, say, one?

Passive Voice [7:19 PM]:

how many separate ad agencies are there doing university ads, do we think

SkyonAir [7:18 PM]:

Welcome to the eternal tie.

KD 13 [7:18 PM]:

I don’t think Wide Left quite covers that one

Ian Boyd [7:17 PM]:

I think I underestimated Cole Stoudt somewhat

Peter Berkes [7:16 PM]:

Interesting strategy from Clemson to just not block Herrera on that blitz.

Peter Berkes [7:15 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Run the ball, stop the run, and go to church 11x a week.

Spencer Hall [7:15 PM]:

Brilliant game management drive here by Clemson even though I know it’s killing Chad Morris’ soul to go this slow

Steven Godfrey [7:15 PM]:

I’ve really enjoyed this season’s return to God-fearin’ defense minded SEC football

Peter Berkes [7:13 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Well, what do you think happened to Tommy Bowden?

Clay Wendler [7:13 PM]:

he keeps his soul there after it escaped his body

Ryan Nanni [7:12 PM]:

@Clay Wendler why does that bottle look like it is glowing with a soul inside it

Clay Wendler [7:11 PM]:

Spencer Hall [7:11 PM]:

Brad Nessler was walking around in a Big Daddy costume from BioShock last night in ATL and none of you can prove me wrong

KD 13 [7:10 PM]:

Nessler with the DragonCon reference

Spencer Hall [7:10 PM]:

DragonCon shoutout!

Peter Berkes [7:09 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Two steps forward, one step back, three bullets directly into foot

Ryan Nanni [7:08 PM]:

3 and out for the Dawgs; per Georgia-Clemson law, no team may do more than two good things in a row.

Pete Volk [7:08 PM]:


3 things we learned from Alabama's win over West Virginia

The Tide won, but it wasn’t pretty.

Spencer Hall [7:07 PM]:

Best kind of INT: from off-camera, streaking

Peter Berkes [7:06 PM]:

Holy smokes, what a picky by Davis

Oh No Romo [7:06 PM]:

Same upset Clemson fan?!

TerryBoudain [7:06 PM]:


Spencer Hall [7:06 PM]:


Passive Voice [7:05 PM]:

@Jason Kirk 4th down decision even funnier

Peter Berkes [7:05 PM]:

That is a stupid penalty on Georgia. Ticky tack and yet completely avoidable.

Jason Kirk [7:04 PM]:

WVU ran a swing pass on 3rd and 18 with two to go, down 10.

Spencer Hall [7:04 PM]:

I think WVU’s gotta be pretty happy with this

Pete Volk [7:04 PM]:

Clint Trickett sacked by ’Bama on second down. WVU needs something quick here

Jason Kirk [7:04 PM]:

That’ll probably do it, ’Eers. A mighty effort.

Peter Berkes [7:03 PM]:

Always respected Amarlo Herrera for the cowboy collar. You can set your watch to a player like that.

Jason Kirk [7:02 PM]:

@Clay Wendler But 100 yards is very far to run

Clay Wendler [7:01 PM]:

thats gotta be the easiest TD todd gurley ever scored tho

Clay Wendler [7:00 PM]:

ajkst1 [7:00 PM]:

Respect to 25 running him down all the way into the end zone

Peter Berkes [6:59 PM]:

We’ve got ourselves a weather delay in Auburn (lightning). Mandatory 30 minute wait.

Clay Wendler [6:59 PM]:

Jason Kirk [6:58 PM]:

Gurley, imo

KD 13 [6:58 PM]:

Todd Gurley is terrifying

ajkst1 [6:55 PM]:

What are the chances that Lane Kiffin doesn’t get fired getting off the plane, but the team bus takes a detour to East Point and just drops him off?

Pete Volk [6:54 PM]:

Cal picks off NW, that’ll do it.

Clay Wendler [6:54 PM]:

he works out

Clay Wendler [6:54 PM]:

Spencer Hall [6:52 PM]:

@Jason Kirk He’s right there if you’re serious about coach clappin’

Jason Kirk [6:52 PM]:

Even Clemson botched snap almost leads to Clemson touchdown.

Jason Kirk [6:51 PM]:

Dabo a massively underrated clapper. What’s he gotta do to get mentioned alongside Miles

KD 13 [6:51 PM]:

Good call, Todd. They clearly should’ve kicked the tree

Brad Newton [6:51 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Saban as Detective Maynard Gilbough and Kiffin as Detective Thomas Papania from True Detective plz

Ryan Nanni [6:51 PM]:

@Spencer Hall “I don’t understand. I’d like to speak to a single Pep Boy. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. I have five thousand dollars in cash.”

Steven Godfrey [6:51 PM]:

Guy with a natural ginger afro and a beer soaked shirt at UGA, let’s party

KD 13 [6:50 PM]:

Good god Cal

Passive Voice [6:49 PM]:

meanwhile somehow Northwestern is within 7 with the ball back, under five to go

Spencer Hall [6:49 PM]:

I just wanna write a whole series of dialogues between Lane Kiffin and local service people in Tuscaloosa

Clay Wendler [6:49 PM]:

KD 13 [6:48 PM]:

Good to see they still run Tahj Boyd Left

Ryan Nanni [6:47 PM]:


Jason Kirk [6:47 PM]:

So Clemson just subs quarterbacks in and out and lets them get drafted and all that, and it doesn’t matter much.

Ian Boyd [6:46 PM]:

Alabama’s FG kicker has been nails today

Kevol80 [6:44 PM]:

@Ian Boyd Oh, I’m gonna go throw up

Ian Boyd [6:43 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Any lip readers want to guess what he’s saying here?

Kevol80 [6:42 PM]:

@Jason Kirk To date, no one has ever agreed to do a trust fall with Kiffin.

Clay Wendler [6:42 PM]:

KD 13 [6:40 PM]:

@Kevol80 I am hypnotized

Steven Godfrey [6:40 PM]:

Noted Atlanta Falcons radio host DJ Shockley on ESPN now

RyanCaswell [6:39 PM]:

@Kevol80 you are beautiful

Jason Kirk [6:37 PM]:

@Kevol80 Thank you for blessing us with this

Ian Boyd [6:37 PM]:

Trickett dwelved too greedily and too deep on that drive

KD 13 [6:36 PM]:

Deshaun Watson is fearless. Whoa.

Kevol80 [6:35 PM]:


Spencer Hall [6:35 PM]:

INT BAMA. That was probably inevitable

Ian Boyd [6:35 PM]:

Woah…my boy Worley came off his man to make that pick. That’s a great play by teh DB

Jason Kirk [6:35 PM]:

Deshaun Watson SLINGIN’. Clemson tying it up at 14 after two big strikes.

Ian Boyd [6:34 PM]:

The one thing that could have brought down Bama in this game…bad “game management” by the QB

Peter Berkes [6:31 PM]:

Call stands! Touchdown Auburn, and Arkansas is in real trouble, down 35-21

Spencer Hall [6:30 PM]:

The worst thing I can say is that that WVU possession looked like the Cowboys

Oh No Romo [6:30 PM]:

That goal-to-go series didn’t go very well.

Peter Berkes [6:30 PM]:

Got ourselves a pick six in Auburn-Arkansas. Possibly coming back.

Jason Kirk [6:30 PM]:

GloboNole [6:29 PM]:

WVU getting it’s Clemson on.

Steven Godfrey [6:28 PM]:

Hey! Sports sign kid made it on TV!

Clay Wendler [6:28 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [6:27 PM]:

STONE UNDERWOOD. That’s a name that could also be a highly rated red wine.

Passive Voice [6:27 PM]:

Kevin White is having an absurd day.

Pete Volk [6:26 PM]:


West Virginia penalized for Alabama QB running into sideline

Tough luck, Sean Walters.

UNA [6:26 PM]:

Will the refs call a PI on Bama?

GloboNole [6:24 PM]:

@Peter Berkes You can take the coach out of the #B1G…..

Spencer Hall [6:23 PM]:

Trickett looks comfy as hell. His receivers just have hooves for hands right now on key third downs.

Peter Berkes [6:22 PM]:

Arkansas is punting from Auburn’s 34 yard line. #B1G

Jason Kirk [6:22 PM]:

Clemson is juuust missing so many completions. Imagine if they were playing against Todd Grantham’s secondary!

Clay Wendler [6:22 PM]:

Passive Voice [6:21 PM]:

Pumped up Dabo always looks like a curler who’s just made a big shot.

Steven Godfrey [6:19 PM]:

Gotta say, Athens looks the most humid of any of these sites

Jason Kirk [6:19 PM]:

Hogs cookin’

Steven Godfrey [6:19 PM]:

@Spencer Hall /scribbles ‘Skate or Die’ into math book cover

Spencer Hall [6:18 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey like an Ugly Kid Joe album cover without the hat

Steven Godfrey [6:18 PM]:

Everyone else thinks that Lane looks like an early 90s teenager in a Raiders starter with that oversized shacket, right

Spencer Hall [6:18 PM]:

Total bullshit penalty

Ian Boyd [6:17 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Hitting the QB out of bounds? Sims ran into a guy who was on the sideline. The guy pushed him away from himself

Jason Kirk [6:17 PM]:

WVU-Alabama penalty as bad as it sounds?

Peter Berkes [6:16 PM]:

WHOAAAAAA, FUMBLE RECOVERED BY ARKANSAS. Looks like the right call too!

Peter Berkes [6:16 PM]:

Arkansas gotta be thinkin about dialin something up here, no?

GloboNole [6:16 PM]:

That call just ended the game. #goaccrefs at their best!

Oh No Romo [6:15 PM]:

Unsportsmanshiplike conduct?

Ian Boyd [6:13 PM]:

Too many WR drops in Bama vs WV. This could be a much different game

Oh No Romo [6:13 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Dreary isn’t even the best word to describe this.

Jason Kirk [6:12 PM]:

Via @hustlebelt, EMU’s gray field wasn’t a joke

Peter Berkes [6:12 PM]:

Oh good heavens, Arkansas WR drops a sure first down. That is bad for business.

Pete Volk [6:11 PM]:

Northwestern within 10 now!

Peter Berkes [6:11 PM]:

Got a feeling this could start slipping away from the Hogs unless they grind out a long TD drive. Big third down coming up.

Spencer Hall [6:11 PM]:

First games are great. “Both of these teams will assuredly get better!”

Clay Wendler [6:10 PM]:

Brad Newton [6:10 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Matt Millen just tried drafting him out of reflex

Jason Kirk [6:09 PM]:

And then got another one knocked out of his hands. Georgia ball

Jason Kirk [6:09 PM]:

Clemson’s Mike Williams drops a sure first down

Jason Kirk [6:09 PM]:


Siems [6:08 PM]:

@Peter Berkes I like to call anything a scamper when I can

Peter Berkes [6:06 PM]:

Would one call that Nick Marshall TD run a scamper?

Siems [6:06 PM]:

I was feeling good about this Clemson game. And then Todd Gurley happened

TerryBoudain [6:06 PM]:


Jason Kirk [6:05 PM]:

Seems Todd Gurley’s back! 7-7

Jason Kirk [6:03 PM]:

I can see why Georgia’s play action would be scary enough to get a receiver that open.

Peter Berkes [6:02 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Bert’s got ’em runnin scared!

Steven Godfrey [6:01 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Why we aren’t sure

Ian Boyd [6:01 PM]:

Derrick Henry runs through the WV D, they’re cooked, they can’t handle that for another quarter and a half

Peter Berkes [6:00 PM]:

Nick Marshall is in the game for Auburn.

Pete Volk [5:57 PM]:

WVU misses the 47-yarder that would have tied the game.

Siems [5:57 PM]:

Butt catch just isn’t nearly as fun as butt fumble

Brad Newton [5:57 PM]:

Dawgs playing soulja boy, not as timeless as sandstorm

Jason Kirk [5:56 PM]:

Nebraska #buttcatch

Peter Berkes [5:56 PM]:

Clay Wendler [5:56 PM]:

Ian Boyd [5:55 PM]:

@Pete Volk Cyrus Jones is on Alford, #2 CB for Bama can’t handle White

Pete Volk [5:54 PM]:

That whole Clint Trickett-Kevin White combo is working out quite while for WVU, thanks

Ian Boyd [5:54 PM]:

That was a money throw by Trickett, better catch by White. That should give the WV D a shot in the arm

Jason Kirk [5:54 PM]:

OHHHH MY MY MY-worthy catch by WVU’s Kevin White. ’Eers driving again.

Peter Berkes [5:54 PM]:

Afterwards, he’ll take a year off and then be elected to the Senate

Peter Berkes [5:54 PM]:

I know it’s early here, but I have a sneaking feeling Lane Kiffin’s tenure at Alabama won’t be that long.

Brad Newton [5:54 PM]:

Puntin is uh, well..puntin

Jason Kirk [5:52 PM]:

Georgia running a little Georgia State offense! #screenteam

Ryan Nanni [5:52 PM]:

(turns Mike Bobo’s seat to 250)

Clay Wendler [5:52 PM]:

Jason Kirk [5:52 PM]:

No one disagrees

Ian Boyd [5:52 PM]:

Clemson knows how to defend the bubble screen, they should send tape of that to South Carolina

Jason Kirk [5:51 PM]:

@BrodyLogan You didn’t miss Amari Cooper by as much as Blake Sims did, that’s for sure!

BrodyLogan [5:50 PM]:

What’d I miss?

Ian Boyd [5:50 PM]:

He’s thrown some good ones from the pocket though

Pete Volk [5:49 PM]:

Blake Sims just overthrew Amari Cooper on fourth down by the approximate length of one Lane Kiffin coaching stint

Ian Boyd [5:49 PM]:

I’ve not yet seen Sims throw an even reasonably accurate ball yet when on the move

Clay Wendler [5:49 PM]:

Jason Kirk [5:49 PM]:

Bama goes for it on fourth and six, but Blake Sims and WR were reading from different playbooks

Rodger Sherman [5:49 PM]:

Lane Kiffin’s got a play and — oh no

Jason Kirk [5:49 PM]:

@Spencer Hall That was EWU

Spencer Hall [5:48 PM]:

Didn’t Portland State give them hell last year, too?

Jason Kirk [5:48 PM]:

Portland State 14, Oregon State 13! Why not!

Brad Newton [5:47 PM]:

Clock isn’t working at Jordan-Hare eh? Smells like dey cheatin to me

GloboNole [5:47 PM]:

The sorority sisters at KD wanted to say they miss you, Jeremy Pruitt………

Jason Kirk [5:46 PM]:

Georgia players celebrating the STUFF as refs signal Clemson touchdown.

Jason Kirk [5:45 PM]:

Northwestern improving before our very eyes

Peter Berkes [5:45 PM]:

Don’t be a baby, Dabo. Go for it.

Jason Kirk [5:44 PM]:

Clemson players want to go for it at the goal line.

Spencer Hall [5:44 PM]:

Thought this would be a low-scoring game, so of course we’re just gonna replay last year’s game

Matt Brown [5:44 PM]:

Yeah, is the big takeway from this Cal game that Northwestern could be terrible, or that Cal could be better than we thought? I’m impressed with the Golden Bears

Jason Kirk [5:43 PM]:

That’s how everyone runs, now that I think about it, but we’re friends here.

Jason Kirk [5:43 PM]:

Cole Stoudt looking quite capably #mobile. Kinda just has to lean forward while moving his feet.

Jason Kirk [5:41 PM]:

Two very near-touchdowns through the air for Clemson. Those oughta start hitting at some point

Peter Berkes [5:41 PM]:

Clemson offense looking straight up diabolical so far. Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins clearly surplus to requirements.

Peter Berkes [5:39 PM]:

Georgia defensive back rocking a half shirt, as God intended

Ian Boyd [5:39 PM]:

That PI call on WV was BS

Pete Volk [5:38 PM]:

Cal up 31-7 on Northwestern now

Jason Kirk [5:38 PM]:

Northwestern, like Vanderbilt, BACK

Spencer Hall [5:38 PM]:

Currently only leading south dakota state 21-18

KD 13 [5:38 PM]:

Ugh, go Clemson

Spencer Hall [5:37 PM]:


Peter Berkes [5:37 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Marshall Morgan, I think

Jason Kirk [5:36 PM]:

Recent debate: more Georgia name, Marshall Morgan or Morgan Marshall? I’ll never be able to choose.

Jason Kirk [5:34 PM]:

@Peter Berkes /holds finger to wind

Pete Volk [5:34 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Definitely some

Jason Kirk [5:34 PM]:

@Matt Brown same

Peter Berkes [5:34 PM]:

Okay nevermind, it’s 5 seconds

Peter Berkes [5:34 PM]:

How much time do we think is left in Auburn-Arkansas? Some?

Spencer Hall [5:34 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Jawja

Matt Brown [5:33 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Georgia to win, Fuck Clemson to cover

Jason Kirk [5:33 PM]:


Clemson-Georgia 2014 will be strength vs. strength again …

… but with different strengths this time. The two quarterbacks from last year’s 38-35 shootout are gone. Now it’s all about Clemson’s ferocious defensive line vs. Georgia’s all-world backfield.

Trevor Magnotti [5:32 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Dabo.

Jason Kirk [5:32 PM]:

Georgia’s favored over Clemson by 10. Who y’all got?

Matt Brown [5:30 PM]:

So Maryland’s QB, with his excellent WR corps, is 9/20 for 58 yards in the first half. Against an FCS team. #B1G

Peter Berkes [5:29 PM]:

Ian Boyd [5:26 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey sounds about right

Steven Godfrey [5:25 PM]:

For all of you wondering. Montana leads Wyoming 6-3 with a minute remaining in the half and why am I doing this

andrewgthomas [5:25 PM]:

Brandon Doughty had 569 yards and 6 TDs vs. (MAC favorite) BGSU. CAN WE PLEASE MAKE HIM A STORY ON SBNATION? JEEZ.

Brad Newton [5:20 PM]:

travel, shit.

Brad Newton [5:20 PM]:

“A lot of people ravel to Arkansas not thinking much of it, then the federales show up and it’s a whole different experience”- Hatin’ Ass Spurrier

Ryan Nanni [5:20 PM]:

(Bret Bielema reveals that he was smuggling, like, 500 knives under his belly)

Ian Boyd [5:20 PM]:

Alabama and WV are tied for the simple reason that Alabama is doing a poor job on defense and special teams. Saban can’t seem to fathom that

Spencer Hall [5:19 PM]:

Arkansas now is Wisconsin.

Peter Berkes [5:19 PM]:

Jonathan Williams walks it in and holy smokes, it’s 21-21 in Auburn.

Clay Wendler [5:18 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [5:18 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Only answer: Doing all three, plus Wyo/Montana.

Ian Boyd [5:18 PM]:

He looks terrible throwing on the run but this game being tied is not Sims’ fault

Jason Kirk [5:17 PM]:

So … Clemson-Georgia about to come on during Arkansas-Auburn and Alabama-West Virginia. Who’s watching what?

Jason Kirk [5:15 PM]:

SEC Network play clock continues to indicate this game will end once Gus has to get ready for the early service tomorrow morning

Jason Kirk [5:14 PM]:

Brad Newton [5:13 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Someone update the sign

Jason Kirk [5:12 PM]:


Peter Berkes [5:12 PM]:

Alex Collins is running to contact and just laying lumber on dudes.

Peter Berkes [5:10 PM]:

Arkansas nearly shoots themselves in the face, recovers their own fumble inside their own 20 yard line

Clay Wendler [5:08 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [5:07 PM]:

Alabama. Special. Teams. Dance!

Clay Wendler [5:06 PM]:

Jason Kirk [5:06 PM]:


The Ebb Of The Tide: Alabama Is Dead (And Here's Why)

A closer look at the tattered remains of dynasties past tells us one incontrovertible fact: Alabama is dead. Now I’ll tell you why.

Ian Boyd [5:06 PM]:

Did they just say that they gave all the playoff selection committee members Ipads so they could watch more games?

Jason Kirk [5:05 PM]:

Maybe Lane Kiffin should take over special teams ha ha ha can you imagine

GloboNole [5:04 PM]:

Roll tide!

Oh No Romo [5:04 PM]:

That was fast.

Timinole [5:04 PM]:

oh my goodness

Pete Volk [5:02 PM]:

Yeldon dives in for the touchdown. ’Bama takes the lead back

Jason Kirk [5:01 PM]:

Arkansas is participating today!

Ian Boyd [5:00 PM]:

About time for a Yeldon goal line fumble

GloboNole [5:00 PM]:

Same AU in 2014…. putrid defense, scores in bunches against putrid defenses.

Ryan Nanni [4:59 PM]:

Poor effort from WVU linebacker Ghost Dad.

Oh No Romo [4:58 PM]:

What happened to the WVU defense on that play?

Pete Volk [4:58 PM]:

Right after being blown up by a defender, DeAndrew White with a couple of phenomenal jukes en route to a 38-yard gain

Jason Kirk [4:58 PM]:

De’Andrew White made West Virginia’s defense look like West Virginia’s defense

Oh No Romo [4:57 PM]:

Worley read that play well

Timinole [4:57 PM]:

I don’t know how to post tweets but DC Reeves said that Coker is warming up

Steven Godfrey [4:57 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Rovell did it.

Jason Kirk [4:56 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Why did you break Northwestern

Steven Godfrey [4:55 PM]:

@Jason Kirk He’s right, I was there

Jason Kirk [4:55 PM]:

hamiltoncook [4:55 PM]:

@sandy.northrop.7 no. just a clear staredown of Coop all day

sandy.northrop.7 [4:54 PM]:

Has OJ Howard been targeted yet?

Ian Boyd [4:54 PM]:

WV has been mostly content to sit back with 8 in coverage and make Sims beat them. Except on that 3rd down

Pete Volk [4:54 PM]:

Jacob Coker warming up in Atlanta

Jason Kirk [4:54 PM]:

@Peter Berkes don’t think I was aware ratings go that high

Pete Volk [4:53 PM]:

Big gain for Amari Cooper on third down. Sims has been struggling, but a nice little throw there.

Peter Berkes [4:53 PM]:

Jason Kirk [4:52 PM]:


Peter Berkes [4:52 PM]:

Cal is putting Northwestern through the spanish announcers table

Rodger Sherman [4:52 PM]:


Spencer Hall [4:52 PM]:

I hope Cal beats them by sixty

Jason Kirk [4:51 PM]:

Northwestern is bad, in my opinion

Steven Godfrey [4:51 PM]:

Alright guys. /puts on haz-mat ghillie suit / I’m going over to Hogville.

Ian Boyd [4:50 PM]:

If that WV DL hadn’t lost Sims that could have been a safety…

Jason Kirk [4:48 PM]:

Boy if Auburn had its starting quarterback and all it might have like 22*9* yards after the first quarter

Christopher Novak [4:48 PM]:

Northwestern finally on the board. Avoiding the shutout 7 points at a time

taffyowner917 [4:48 PM]:

Alabama’s defense didn’t step up West Virginia’s WRs forgot how to catch a football

Peter Berkes [4:47 PM]:

21-7 Auburn on a nifty little cutback run. Until it waled back for a facemask, that is.

Ian Boyd [4:47 PM]:

3rd down, WVU is coming after the mike linebacker, bet on it

Timinole [4:47 PM]:

Call that RB for WVU “Blue Shell” because he’s coming for the lead.

Ian Boyd [4:46 PM]:

I wonder what “stoner hipster with moustache” conveys to the WV offense

Jason Kirk [4:46 PM]:

Pete Volk [4:45 PM]:

It appears there are some technical difficulties there

Ian Boyd [4:45 PM]:

@Timinole It can’t be overemphasized how valuable it is to have a power back in this type of offense

Timinole [4:45 PM]:

That Shell fella is pretty good at football

Pete Volk [4:44 PM]:


Amazing West Virginia touchdown! Amazing West Virginia fans!

Clint Trickett, Kevin White and some very excited West Virginians.

Spencer Hall [4:44 PM]:

@Peter Berkes I cannot rec this enough

Jason Kirk [4:44 PM]:

Looking at this national scoreboard, there is some DAMN week 1 abound.

Peter Berkes [4:43 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Arkansas is still just tooling around with SCVs

Steven Godfrey [4:43 PM]:

Auburn’s JUCO WR Williams is a large individual who is fast and good at football plays

Jason Kirk [4:43 PM]:

Auburn’s backup quarterback is 7/7.

Spencer Hall [4:43 PM]:

Auburn is starting to zerg rush

Oh No Romo [4:42 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Wouldn’t that require Kiffin to trick Kirby Smart into accepting a college football job on the moon?

Ian Boyd [4:42 PM]:

Iffy decision there by WVU to field that punt…

Ryan Nanni [4:41 PM]:

@Jason Kirk This would be the harshest outcome for Kirby Smart.

Ian Boyd [4:41 PM]:

Blake Sims throwing on the run is more or less the same as Ian Boyd throwing on the run

Christopher Novak [4:40 PM]:

@Clay Wendler This is absolutely incredible

Jason Kirk [4:39 PM]:

We really are closer by the minute here to Interim Lane Kiffin, technically, if you think about it

Steven Godfrey [4:38 PM]:

Arkansas is taking 10 yards a clip on draw plays

Timinole [4:38 PM]:

Every single person in that gif is wonderful.

Clay Wendler [4:37 PM]:

Jason Kirk [4:36 PM]:

Ian Boyd [4:36 PM]:

@Timinole I think their better ones are still young, besides C. Jones who’s been ok today.

Steven Godfrey [4:35 PM]:

Arkansas drops a TD pass on a play action home run

Timinole [4:35 PM]:

So what did Saban do in the offseason? DBs still strugglin’ from last season.

dskywalker [4:35 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [4:34 PM]:

@Jason Kirk shut up shut ups shutp dsalk;jsad;lkjadfs

Pete Volk [4:34 PM]:

Clint Trickett touchdown! Beautiful throw to Kevin White, and WVU is an extra point away from tying it

Spencer Hall [4:34 PM]:


Ian Boyd [4:34 PM]:

WV gets the 1st with a pop to the FB

Timinole [4:34 PM]:


Jason Kirk [4:34 PM]:

Cal 17! Northwestern 0! Boy that union stuff sure was a distraction

Ian Boyd [4:33 PM]:

There’s “all curls” which we mentioned in our WV-Bama preview

Peter Berkes [4:31 PM]:

Through two drives, Jeremy Johnson is 6/6 for 124 yards and a TD. Seems good.

Clay Wendler [4:29 PM]:

Peter Berkes [4:28 PM]:

Touchdown Auburn. Probably going to say that a lot today, I reckon.

Steven Godfrey [4:28 PM]:

So… at what point do Auburn fans start asking for Marshall?

ajkst1 [4:27 PM]:

Dear Time Warner. You can get SEC Network streaming going at any time now, really.

Ian Boyd [4:27 PM]:

Alabama running behind the right side of that OL with Vogler there to help. Too much beef for wee WV

Jason Kirk [4:27 PM]:

Auburn juuust about to score again. Looked like Uzomah spun in on first glance.

Steven Godfrey [4:26 PM]:

Touchdown Bama. You’re safe for 15 minutes, Lane.

Pete Volk [4:25 PM]:

T.J. Yeldon with the impressive TD run, diving over the pylon for the lead

Steven Godfrey [4:22 PM]:

@Jason Kirk THAT’S RIGHT. Bully for you for reminding me

Pete Volk [4:21 PM]:

Blake Sims to Christion Jones and Alabama is in the red zone.

Jason Kirk [4:20 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey wait what was our bet on cal

Peter Berkes [4:20 PM]:

Allen hits Hunter Henry all alone in the end zone. 7-7 and maaayyyyybe we have a game here?

Steven Godfrey [4:19 PM]:

Oh my.

Pete Volk [4:19 PM]:

Meanwhile in Evanston, Northwestern trails Cal 14-0.

Ian Boyd [4:18 PM]:

West Virginia has to land some deep shots on Bama when they bring the big blitzes or that pressure will stop them

Peter Berkes [4:18 PM]:

Good gravy, Arkansas’ offensive line just completely demolished Auburn’s front

Spencer Hall [4:18 PM]:

Arkansas’s line is beating the daylights out of Auburn

Ian Boyd [4:17 PM]:

@Clay Wendler POP!

Pete Volk [4:17 PM]:

Passive Voice [4:17 PM]:

@Clay Wendler what is Arkansas wearing and why

Pete Volk [4:16 PM]:

3-3 after the first quarter for West Virginia-Alabama.

Steven Godfrey [4:15 PM]:

@Oh No Romo This is too early I haven’t prepared myself for this

Oh No Romo [4:14 PM]:

Clay Wendler [4:14 PM]:

Pete Volk [4:14 PM]:

Tide ekes out another first down. Getting down the field, small chunks at a time.

Jason Kirk [4:14 PM]:

Muschamp: “Jay-nard Bostwick and Darious Cummings will not play due to a violation of team rules and Demarcus Robinson will miss the game due to a university sanction that is now resolved.”

Timinole [4:13 PM]:

Converting these third downs by inches. Kiffin getting a little too cute I think. So, basically, being him.

Steven Godfrey [4:13 PM]:

Rodger’s dick = in trouble

Ian Boyd [4:12 PM]:

Also, WV is really going after the freshman LT for Alabama

Ian Boyd [4:11 PM]:

Blake Sims doesn’t look amazing

Peter Berkes [4:11 PM]:

Touchdown Auburn. 49 yard catch and completely blown tackle by the DB

Pete Volk [4:11 PM]:

Continually converting on third downs against West Virginia. ’Eers preventing the big plays, but Tide look ready to break one

Pete Volk [4:10 PM]:

Alabama slowly driving up the field against West Virginia.

Peter Berkes [4:09 PM]:

Quick show of hands: Auburn win by more than 30?

Peter Berkes [4:09 PM]:

Auburn slowly begins turning the can opener on Arkansas’ defense. And by slowly, I mean quickly.

Ian Boyd [4:08 PM]:

Bah, I was hoping Bama would have to make a 4th and 1 call there

Rodger Sherman [4:07 PM]:

i mean “probably”

Spencer Hall [4:06 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [4:06 PM]:

“I’m just gonna say this. If Northwestern loses to Cal…probably gonna cut my dick off.” – Valued SB Nation employee Rodger Sherman

Peter Berkes [4:06 PM]:

Brandon Allen had the first down, does some weird barrell roll instead of sliding, and comes up a half yard short. Good good.

Peter Berkes [4:05 PM]:

Good slide, meat

Oh No Romo [4:05 PM]:


Clay Wendler [4:05 PM]:

Oh No Romo [4:05 PM]:

Oh god, that Big 12 commercial with Klingsbury morphing into Charlie Weis

Steven Godfrey [4:04 PM]:

Three-ish yard rush for Arkansas and both teams cheer

Passive Voice [4:04 PM]:

was worried they wouldn’t find a way to sneak Katherine Webb into the broadcast

Peter Berkes [4:02 PM]:

Arkansas not losing yet, so score one for Big Bert

Spencer Hall [4:02 PM]:

Brent Musburger, at the kick: LET’S ROCK

Peter Berkes [4:02 PM]:

Someday, we’ll play all games at neutral sites, and all will be well

Jason Kirk [4:00 PM]:


Steven Godfrey [3:59 PM]:

Look kids – the sight of a sold-out, energetic crowd at a campus stadium at Auburn. Shame they couldn’t have moved this one to the Georgia Dome tomorrow at 10am

Clay Wendler [3:57 PM]:

Clay Wendler [3:57 PM]:

RIP heir of favre

Jason Kirk [3:56 PM]:


Dana Holgorsen loves Red Bull, so it's on West Virginia's playcall signs

Drinking Red Bull is what Dana Holgorsen does.

Steven Godfrey [3:54 PM]:

@Ian Boyd Campus Insiders stream

Timinole [3:54 PM]:

There’s a Lane Kiffin/Kifflom from GTAV joke to be made somewhere, I’m sure.

Ian Boyd [3:53 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Where’s that one on?

Peter Berkes [3:53 PM]:

Can we talk about shackets?

Spencer Hall [3:53 PM]:

Lane Kiffin already yielding huge dividends

Jason Kirk [3:52 PM]:


Steven Godfrey [3:52 PM]:

Alright y’all, get your heads right: WYOMING. MONTANA. Let’s go.

Ian Boyd [3:52 PM]:

Alabama is about to attempt a FG!

IsItFallYet? [3:52 PM]:

Coker in next series?

Jason Kirk [3:52 PM]:


IsItFallYet? [3:51 PM]:

Awful pass from Sims there

Passive Voice [3:51 PM]:

Nebraska-FAU was only ever scheduled for the Pelini Bowl right? Could they not wriggle out of it?

Ryan Nanni [3:49 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Nick won’t let him get an adult’s. That costs a whole 12 dollars!

Ian Boyd [3:49 PM]:

That guy, #7 for the WVU defense, he’s a good one. Up and comer, Daryl Worley

Ryan Nanni [3:48 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey WE ARE AVENGED

Ian Boyd [3:48 PM]:

@Clay Wendler First look I noted the stat, 2nd look…

Peter Berkes [3:47 PM]:

Always good to see that Kirby Smart still has a child’s haircut

Steven Godfrey [3:47 PM]:

Dammit, NC State hangs on in upset.

Clay Wendler [3:45 PM]:

Ian Boyd [3:45 PM]:

Is there anything more interesting than Bama playing from behind in this game with a QB controversy?

IsItFallYet? [3:45 PM]:

@Jason Kirk LOL

Ian Boyd [3:45 PM]:

Good job by Cyrus Jones disrupting that fade in the end zone

Jason Kirk [3:44 PM]:

Jason Kirk [3:43 PM]:

“This is a Georgia Southern team that, this isn’t their first rodeo!” Literally, man, I been to Statesboro

Ian Boyd [3:43 PM]:

Seems like Bama is actually playing a lot of nickel…two Bama LBs out there trying to cover in space…

IsItFallYet? [3:43 PM]:

Wow, Bama’s secondary is looking bad.

Peter Berkes [3:43 PM]:

[feverishly photoshops Dana Holgorsen’s head onto that Kermit drinking tea picture]

Jason Kirk [3:42 PM]:

Timinole [3:41 PM]:

WVU over here converting third downs nbd

Jason Kirk [3:41 PM]:

@Ian Boyd bout to

Peter Berkes [3:40 PM]:

Erk Russell is spinning in his grave

Spencer Hall [3:40 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni It’s the only way

Ian Boyd [3:40 PM]:

Y’all watching this? SEC vs the Air Raid is not going well for the SEC’s reputation

Ryan Nanni [3:40 PM]:

(throws silver dollar into wishing well) “Interim Alabama coach Lane Kiffin.”

Pete Volk [3:40 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [3:39 PM]:

Well son of a bitch, NC State ties it at 23, will take the lead pending a PAT

GloboNole [3:39 PM]:

NC State just scored too quickly. Mark it down….

Jason Kirk [3:39 PM]:

Wolfpack about to take the lead with 1:37 left, meaning Florida [mumbles]!

Ian Boyd [3:39 PM]:

Stopping Rushell Shell from a dime package probably isn’t very fun

Jason Kirk [3:39 PM]:

Georgia Southern almost put away NC State via a botched snap, but it was whistled dead.

Passive Voice [3:38 PM]:

Love Georgia Southern’s uniforms. Straight outta the 60s.

Jason Kirk [3:38 PM]:


3 things we learned from Ohio State's win over Navy

The Buckeyes survived a tough Midshipmen team, but the Big Ten favorites showed their flaws along the way.

Ian Boyd [3:37 PM]:

WV starts by going 5-wide, throwing to their RB. They’re going spread all the way today

Steven Godfrey [3:37 PM]:

@Spencer Hall It’s on the local teevee here

GloboNole [3:36 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey whole lotta #goacc there. LUCKILY I get it locally….

Spencer Hall [3:36 PM]:

Believe it or not, the Georgia Southern/NC State game is blacked out on ESPN3 for me

Peter Berkes [3:36 PM]:

Oh man, I forgot WVU got Rushel Shell

Timinole [3:36 PM]:

Whoa whoa whoa did one of West Virginia’s signs feature Freddie Mercury?

Steven Godfrey [3:35 PM]:

So no one else is watching this NC State Ga. Southern game at the wire?

Ryan Nanni [3:35 PM]:

Has anyone been tracking Stone Cold’s picks?

Jason Kirk [3:34 PM]:

Please tell me West Virginia fans are shooting at Chick-fil-A cow parachutes

Ian Boyd [3:34 PM]:

This Midas touch commercial, I’m hoping against hope that we don’t see it 600k times this season

Rodger Sherman [3:34 PM]:

@Spencer Hall it was fun! One guy tore his ACL, our starting QB left with a concussion, our starting QB was out for four weeks, our best defensive tackle missed the second half, and they got called out for faking injuries

Spencer Hall [3:32 PM]:

Ooh! Forgot that whole “Northwestern was faking injuries” thing from this game last year

Spencer Hall [3:31 PM]:

@GloboNole gotta see the penis first, tbh

Brian Pickett [3:28 PM]:

This is shocking, but UMass-Boston College isn’t a good game

Pete Volk [3:28 PM]:

GloboNole [3:27 PM]:

@Spencer Hall and really, would you play hard for that man… even if he does have a 79 yard penis?

Ian Boyd [3:26 PM]:

@Clay Wendler The response by #1 is the worst

Pete Volk [3:26 PM]:


3 things we learned from UCLA's close win over Virginia

The Bruins pulled out the victory on the road, but Virginia’s defense gave them a biga scare.

Ian Boyd [3:25 PM]:

@Clay Wendler What happened to that poor kid?

Spencer Hall [3:25 PM]:

@Timinole deplorable recruiting

Timinole [3:25 PM]:

So if the Triple-Option can be as effective as we’ve seen, what’s Georgia Tech’s excuse?

Clay Wendler [3:24 PM]:

Brian Pickett [3:23 PM]:

Seems like it would be illegal to throw barrels in college football

Ian Boyd [3:23 PM]:

Just heard Mack saying something about “someone moving to safety.” I’m pretty excited for MackTV

Oh No Romo [3:22 PM]:

Interception late seals the win for Iowa, 31-23.

Jason Kirk [3:22 PM]:

This is going up there with #fleshbomb

Spencer Hall [3:22 PM]:

@Clay Wendler neckbeard not pictured

Clay Wendler [3:21 PM]:

Jason Kirk [3:21 PM]:

@Ian Boyd sell your television

Ian Boyd [3:21 PM]:

TV Guide tells me Fox Sports is about to switch to something called “Base Ball”

Spencer Hall [3:20 PM]:

@GloboNole dibblegribbleHAAAYYYYYYY

GloboNole [3:20 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Marching?

Ryan Nanni [3:18 PM]:

Virginia Football: That’s How You Get Ants

Passive Voice [3:18 PM]:

grown man reception

Spencer Hall [3:18 PM]:

Damn, UCLA, that’s one way to end it

Steven Godfrey [3:18 PM]:

NC State cuts the Ga. Southern lead to 20-17. Dave Doeren ain’t dead yet (He is dead, sometimes they just twitch like that)

Jason Kirk [3:18 PM]:

Hey, UCLA’s offense made the trip!

Peter Berkes [3:17 PM]:

34-17 Ohio State. Ballgame.

Timinole [3:16 PM]:

Mike London’s firing.

Ian Boyd [3:15 PM]:

What in the world just happened #Virginia/UCLA?

Timinole [3:14 PM]:

That third down Virginia call.

Ian Boyd [3:14 PM]:

Curious 3rd down call by Virginia there

Oh No Romo [3:14 PM]:

Did Virginia accidentally press the wrong button on that 3rd down play?

Ryan Nanni [3:12 PM]:

Western Michigan now within 3 of Purdue so:

Jason Kirk [3:12 PM]:



Saturday, FCS North Dakota State beat Big 12 Iowa State. This is not a surprise. the Bison are the better team. Please stop paying NDSU to play against you.

Peter Berkes [3:12 PM]:

Maybe Florida should start running the triple option

Jason Kirk [3:11 PM]:

@Ian Boyd might just be doing that anyways :(

Oh No Romo [3:11 PM]:

Iowa’s just giving the ball to Weisman and letting him run the clock down.

IsItFallYet? [3:11 PM]:

The Virginia band looks so damn goofy in those overalls, lol.

Ian Boyd [3:11 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Muschamp is salivating right now.

Spencer Hall [3:10 PM]:

NDSU’s run blocking is simply pornographic

Steven Godfrey [3:10 PM]:

As a veteran of two San Diego Comicons and 12 SEC Media Days, those folks would amazed to know how much they have in common

Ian Boyd [3:08 PM]:

34-14 North Dakota State, five minutes remaining

sdfghj [3:08 PM]:

I dont see Navy coming back in this one

Timinole [3:07 PM]:

I was at DragonCon for Clemson-Auburn in 2012. Those two groups mingling in downtown Atlanta was A+ hilarious

Ian Boyd [3:07 PM]:

Announcer just compared the Bison power run game to “Chinese water torture”

Steven Godfrey [3:07 PM]:

Steven Godfrey [3:05 PM]:

@Jason Kirk “Crown Royal Red Zone Punch”

Ian Boyd [3:04 PM]:

@Jason Kirk That woman’s reaction takes it up another notch in terms of humor.

IsItFallYet? [3:04 PM]:

@Jason Kirk The better scene will be on MARTA after the game, when the Bammers converge with the DragonCon kids.Especially if Bama somehow loses.

Oh No Romo [3:04 PM]:

Powell scores TD on screen, ran into teammate but still scored. Iowa’s lead is now 31-23.

Jason Kirk [3:04 PM]:

Lookin’ like UCLA-Virginia is the game to have on.

Peter Berkes [3:04 PM]:

Ezekiel Elliott right up the gut to make it 27-17 Ohio State. Think the Mids are in a real pickle, here.

BrodyLogan [3:03 PM]:

It was good while it lasted, Navy

Jason Kirk [3:03 PM]:

via @6pintsofkramer, here’s the scene in Atlanta.

Oh No Romo [3:02 PM]:

Iowa has not been called for a lot of penalties today.

Pete Volk [3:02 PM]:

Ian Frye hits the 27-yarder, and UCLA’s lead has been cut to 28-20.

Ryan Nanni [3:02 PM]:

The Virginia coaches should each carry a sand wedge to complete the look.

Oh No Romo [3:02 PM]:

Derrick Willies beat the UNI coverage and was on his way to the end zone, but tripped inside the 10 yard line.

Jason Kirk [3:01 PM]:

Ian Boyd [3:00 PM]:

Ah, my timing is just as bad as last year

Pete Volk [3:00 PM]:

Virginia converts on 4th-and-8, and the Cavaliers are a-knockin’

Peter Berkes [2:59 PM]:

Ian Boyd [2:59 PM]:

@GloboNole I’ve watched very little of this game but the VA QB doesn’t seem very good

Duckettherbiemsu [2:59 PM]:

I bet not having any timeouts won’t come back and haunt navy or anything

IsItFallYet? [2:59 PM]:

Not sure if anyone here has seen the Venture Brothers, but there’s this one episode where half-developed clones of the Venture Brothers escape. They look weird and fleshy, and appear to still be discovering how to use their limbs. The Virginia quarterback looks like a half-developed clone of Peyton Manning.

GloboNole [2:59 PM]:

The fact that UVA is in this with this level of QB play is stunning.

Peter Berkes [2:59 PM]:

Oh dear. Navy just burned their last timeout of the half to ask for a replay of 4th down.

Steven Godfrey [2:59 PM]:

Georgia Southern stops NC State inside the red zone on 4th down and the stadium is basically empty

Jason Kirk [2:58 PM]:

sure, i picked iowa to win 10 games, not like this is my job or anything, oh wait

Peter Berkes [2:58 PM]:

Hoooooboy, Elliott looks like he got the 1st down

Oh No Romo [2:57 PM]:

@Ian Boyd If they’re in the Western Division, probably top 4.

Peter Berkes [2:57 PM]:

Buckeyes are going for it.

Jason Kirk [2:57 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Don’t believe it is

Peter Berkes [2:57 PM]:

Ohio State looking at 4th and 1 at the Navy 44. Big play coming up here.

Peter Berkes [2:56 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Cowboy Troy?

Spencer Hall [2:56 PM]:

@Ian Boyd They would beat Illinois. That’s all I’m totally certain of.

Ian Boyd [2:56 PM]:

Where would ND st finish if they played in the B1G?

Ryan Nanni [2:56 PM]:

Is UAB 41, Troy 10 a thing we expected? Like, at all?

Peter Berkes [2:56 PM]:

I’m getting the distinct feeling that UCLA isn’t going to make the playoff

sdfghj [2:55 PM]:

The Iowa teams are very underwhelming

IsItFallYet? [2:55 PM]:

Brett Hundley isn’t looking like a Heisman contender.

Steven Godfrey [2:55 PM]:

UCLA’s OL is shit.

Ian Boyd [2:54 PM]:

@Pete Volk Alright fine, I’m flipping over

Jason Kirk [2:54 PM]:

Pete Volk [2:54 PM]:

UCLA goes for it on fourth-and-one, Virginia sacks Hundley, forces the fumble and recovers.

Jason Kirk [2:52 PM]:


Oh No Romo [2:52 PM]:

@Spencer Hall His new name plate on his office is encrusted with diamonds.

Ian Boyd [2:52 PM]:

The Bison keep flinging flesh bombs at the tiring ISU defense

Spencer Hall [2:51 PM]:

So you’re saying Greg Davis is still the offensive coordinator at Iowa

Jason Kirk [2:49 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? Doubtful!

Oh No Romo [2:49 PM]:

And Iowa goes 3 and out. Last two plays were screen pass and Rudock running and one yard short on 3rd down.

IsItFallYet? [2:49 PM]:

Big Ten Network has a low bar for “a really good football game”

Steven Godfrey [2:48 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? No.

IsItFallYet? [2:48 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Yes.

Peter Berkes [2:47 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? Probably not

Steven Godfrey [2:47 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? Does UCLA hang on in this equation?

sdfghj [2:47 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? No

Ian Boyd [2:47 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? no.

Peter Berkes [2:47 PM]:

Navy within 3 at 20-17.

IsItFallYet? [2:46 PM]:

Let’s assume that Ohio State pulls it out today. Do they still deserve to be in the Top 10 after today’s performance?

Oh No Romo [2:46 PM]:

@Ian Boyd I think they’ll get that first win against Iowa by late FG when both teams play poorly the entire game.

Ian Boyd [2:45 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Every ND St win over these teams is a rebuke of that teams recruiting/eval process

Steven Godfrey [2:45 PM]:

20-10 Georgia Southern. The triple option is having a day.

PikesPeakUC [2:44 PM]:

Hey Iowa. In order to be a sleeper, you eventually have to wake up from the slumber.

IsItFallYet? [2:44 PM]:

@MShaheenSports I can’t tell if Navy looks good or Ohio State’s defense is just that bad.

Jason Kirk [2:44 PM]:

One of y’all Heartland teams plan on giving NDSU a game one of these years?

sdfghj [2:44 PM]:

Navy is looking really good and driving down field right now

Ian Boyd [2:44 PM]:

@Oh No Romo That could be an interesting one.

Jason Kirk [2:43 PM]:

North Dakota State is EATING Iowa State now. Blew up a screen, then sacked QB.

Oh No Romo [2:43 PM]:

@Ian Boyd Ames

Oh No Romo [2:43 PM]:

UNI ends up with a field goal. Iowa 24-23 early in the fourth quarter.

IsItFallYet? [2:43 PM]:

Ohio State’s defense looks absolutely atrocious, and Navy doesn’t even have the threat of a pass.

Steven Godfrey [2:43 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Bert’s got friends. That’s where he met his wife, after all

Ian Boyd [2:43 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Is that Baylor game in Waco or Ames?

Oh No Romo [2:42 PM]:

@Ian Boyd although they will have the bye in between Iowa and Baylor.

Jason Kirk [2:42 PM]:

Oh No Romo [2:42 PM]:

@Ian Boyd That schedule won’t get better either. Kansas State, Iowa, Baylor and Oklahoma State.

PikesPeakUC [2:42 PM]:

I can only hope every North Dakota player runs up the field screaming “What did the Buffalo tell it’s kid before it left for school? BYE-SON.”

Spencer Hall [2:40 PM]:


Ian Boyd [2:39 PM]:

@Oh No Romo They looked so strong early, but the Bison always run you down in the end.

PikesPeakUC [2:38 PM]:

Also, in case you were wondering “The longer this game stays close, the better it is for Virginia.”

Brad Newton [2:38 PM]:

Oh No Romo [2:38 PM]:

It was fun while it lasted, Iowa State.

PikesPeakUC [2:37 PM]:

I think Virginia’s offense might be centered around a lot of people “moving around and doing stuff.”

Spencer Hall [2:37 PM]:

@Ian Boyd think you mean “erotic”

Ian Boyd [2:37 PM]:

You can see the blood seeping through a bandage on one of the Bison OL’s hands. A poignant image

Steven Godfrey [2:37 PM]:

That’s an impressive t-shirt gun

Steven Godfrey [2:36 PM]:

Jason Kirk [2:35 PM]:

Hey we can do bullets in here, I’ve learned

Ian Boyd [2:35 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman When rugby punts go wrong…

Jason Kirk [2:35 PM]:

  • The Bison are always coming. Stop playing them. Stop inviting them anywhere. Fire your schedulemasters.

Jason Kirk [2:35 PM]:

Here come the Bison*!

Rodger Sherman [2:34 PM]:

a fake fake punt?

Pete Volk [2:34 PM]:

Touchdown UCLA. Brett Hundley runs up through the middle for the score.

Clay Wendler [2:34 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [2:34 PM]:

Has anybody ever seen anything like this Youngstown State punt thingy?

Peter Berkes [2:34 PM]:

Buckeyes are back in the driver’s seat at 20-14. Fourth quarter coming up and looking pretty tantalizing if you ask me.

Oh No Romo [2:34 PM]:

Northern Iowa is driving, they’ve had a couple of big pass plays on this drive and they’re near the red zone.

Ian Boyd [2:33 PM]:

Bison intercept a terrible Iowa State pass that the freshman WR tried to one-hand. Here we go

Peter Berkes [2:33 PM]:

Navy’s secondary switches off and Ohio State kills them. Barrett to Devin Smith for 80 yard TD

Brad Newton [2:33 PM]:

UVa’s secondary had a blown assignment there

Ryan Nanni [2:32 PM]:

Navy must have read Mike Leach’s latest book.

Steven Godfrey [2:31 PM]:

Brissett, ooof

PikesPeakUC [2:30 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Unfortunately that State is Panic.

Spencer Hall [2:30 PM]:

UCLA clearly didn’t do their homework, all Jon Tenuta defenses easily beat by throwing to uncovered tight end

Ryan Nanni [2:30 PM]:


Oh No Romo [2:30 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Never Forget!

Jason Kirk [2:29 PM]:

Reminding one of

Passive Voice [2:28 PM]:

NDSU is Massachusetts’ favorite CFB team. #gritty #welkah

Ian Boyd [2:28 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Ugh.

Spencer Hall [2:28 PM]:


Peter Berkes [2:28 PM]:

Ian Boyd [2:27 PM]:

De’Veon Smith, he of the bleached faux hawk, is the next famous RB for Michigan.

Peter Berkes [2:27 PM]:

Jason Kirk [2:27 PM]:

Trevor Magnotti [2:26 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni Illipunt

Steven Godfrey [2:26 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Yeah, where ARE all the Illinois football fans today?

Peter Berkes [2:26 PM]:

@Jason Kirk who

Ryan Nanni [2:26 PM]:

@Jason Kirk illiwhat

Jason Kirk [2:25 PM]:

How have we gone all day without noticing Youngstown State is beating Illinois (to little surprise)

Peter Berkes [2:25 PM]:

Navy’s, that is. Not that it’s great for anyone else, either.

Peter Berkes [2:24 PM]:

3rd and 23 is probably a bit outside their ideal yardage range

Jason Kirk [2:24 PM]:

Ian Boyd [2:24 PM]:

Should be Shane Morris time in Ann Arbor soon. Currently running Gardner on zone read with a 35 point lead…

Peter Berkes [2:23 PM]:

And then they send back Keenan Reynolds to pass, and surprise it didn’t work

Oh No Romo [2:23 PM]:

Turnover exchange in Iowa City. First a fumble recovered by UNI, then Bo Bower picks off a pass a couple plays and sets the Hawkeyes up at midfield.

Steven Godfrey [2:23 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni To be fair, they’ve completed multiple passes vs. NC State

Ian Boyd [2:22 PM]:

@Jason Kirk I imagine the AD delivering the news to the HC. You scheduled who?!

Brad Newton [2:22 PM]:

@Timinole I got em at 2 just out of Mourinho hatred. There’s only one HBC and he ain’t it.

Jason Kirk [2:22 PM]:

“Like trying to attack Jell-O,” Uncle Gary says of defending against Navy.

Ryan Nanni [2:22 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey i hope your A/C breaks again.

Peter Berkes [2:22 PM]:

Navy averaging just under 7 yards a rush today. Seems pretty decent.

Steven Godfrey [2:21 PM]:

I’m not even sure where to start looking, but re: Georgia Southern, has a team ever beat a FBS team in its last FCS game, and then beat another one in their own FBS debut?

Jason Kirk [2:21 PM]:

Scheduling Navy or North Dakota State remain the worst ideas one could have.

Ian Boyd [2:20 PM]:

North Dakota State on one of those epic, 10 minute drives

Timinole [2:20 PM]:

Is Chelsea your 1 or 2 seed in the College Football Playoff?

GloboNole [2:19 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [2:19 PM]:

Navy to the Orange Bowl.

Brad Newton [2:18 PM]:

Diego Costa just made it 6-3 Chelsea, This game went from MAC to PAC-12 quick

BrodyLogan [2:18 PM]:


Jason Kirk [2:17 PM]:

College Football Playoff 1. Georgia State 2. Rutgers 3. Navy 4. Virginia

Spencer Hall [2:17 PM]:


Jason Kirk [2:15 PM]:

heads up

Pete Volk [2:14 PM]:

Touchdown Virginia! 21-17 now, UCLA holding on.

Jason Kirk [2:13 PM]:

hamiltoncook [2:13 PM]:

hamiltoncook [2:13 PM]:

Smart business decision

Steven Godfrey [2:13 PM]:

ACC Network regional broadcasts are brought to you by Gavin DeGraw’s Greatest Hits this season. I mean, I applaud that marketing team. That’s on-point for the demo

sandy.northrop.7 [2:13 PM]:

TD UVA here comes the Wahoos

QB 1 [2:13 PM]:

@dustym UCLAVA

Ian Boyd [2:13 PM]:

@dustym ND St. vs ISU is fairly compelling

Brad Newton [2:13 PM]:

@dustym Everton-Chelsea

Oh No Romo [2:12 PM]:

Iowa’s secondary has had a pretty rough day against David Johnson. Iowa’s lead is now 24-20 after a 70-yard TD reception.

dustym [2:12 PM]:

hey guys i justed logged on to the web to ask which game i should be watching right now?

Jason Kirk [2:12 PM]:

UCLA-Virginia becoming game-like again.

Steven Godfrey [2:12 PM]:

@kizzak Murder Kroger would make a fine Hooligan

Ian Boyd [2:11 PM]:

@hamiltoncook Like Spencer said, usually they go down with it

Pete Volk [2:11 PM]:

Fourth down conversion for Virginia!

kizzak [2:11 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Actually, not certain if a Tech fan or an Everton fan given his previous tweets were about Everton-Chelsea, which has entered MACtion phase (5-3 with two goals scored in the first five minutes and another 5 goals scored in the last 10 minutes)

Ian Boyd [2:11 PM]:

Time for the Bison to “get in their herd” and run power down Iowa State’s throat

hamiltoncook [2:10 PM]:

They will not give up this ’ship!

Jason Kirk [2:10 PM]:

Navy immediately match that Ohio State TD … pending review.

Peter Berkes [2:10 PM]:

Navy will not surrender! (military referene, btw)

Spencer Hall [2:10 PM]:

I’ve seen this game before and it ends with Navy losing painfully but nobly

Clay Wendler [2:09 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:09 PM]:

Navy’s the most impressive home offense in Baltimore Ravens history.

Steven Godfrey [2:08 PM]:

@Jason Kirk espeicallly since the game is on Fox Sports South

Jason Kirk [2:07 PM]:

Can’t explain exactly why, but tagging the TV networks made me laugh

Steven Godfrey [2:07 PM]:

Murder Kroger is a Tech fan? This fits.

Oh No Romo [2:06 PM]:

Amazing grab by Tevaun Smith in the endzone for Iowa.

Brad Newton [2:06 PM]:

Jose Mourinho might take over the UCF job

Spencer Hall [2:06 PM]:


Jason Kirk [2:06 PM]:

Navy about to get it all back. Just ran from one red zone to the other.

Ian Boyd [2:06 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey That was my thinking as well. The ND St-ISU announcers are on fire today

Pete Volk [2:06 PM]:

Virginia just stopped UCLA on a fourth down conversion attempt. Defense is still bringing it.

Steven Godfrey [2:06 PM]:

@Ian Boyd This is a family chatroom, Ian

Jason Kirk [2:06 PM]:

@Ian Boyd no but I like it

Ian Boyd [2:05 PM]:

Is “flesh bomb” a typical term for a big hit by a free safety? Anyone else heard that term…in that context, before?

Steven Godfrey [2:05 PM]:

Favre so hard

Clay Wendler [2:04 PM]:

kizzak [2:04 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Most GT games… just because those were typically late game interceptions run back for six

Jason Kirk [2:04 PM]:

That’s what I thought, thaaat’s what I thought

Jason Kirk [2:03 PM]:

THINK FAST, YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS: can you name game involving a flexbone offense that didn’t include at least one fumble run back for massive yardage?

Ian Boyd [2:02 PM]:

Wonderful story, Spence

Brad Newton [2:01 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Calvin Booker always was pretty literal

Steven Godfrey [2:01 PM]:

God, I feel really, really, really good about an embed I’ve got coming up.

Clay Wendler [2:01 PM]:

favre ipick

Peter Berkes [2:01 PM]:


Jason Kirk [2:00 PM]:

THE TRIPLE OPTION STRIKES! Ohio State runs back fumble for six.

Happy_Time_Harry [2:00 PM]:

UVA is about to do some more offense

Jason Kirk [2:00 PM]:

kizzak [1:59 PM]:

@Spencer Hall I remember that game and how horrible it was

Spencer Hall [1:59 PM]:

And someone in the back of the locker room whispers “coach has a seventy nine yard long dick?”

Spencer Hall [1:58 PM]:


Spencer Hall [1:58 PM]:

The door flies open— like, kicked open— and Paul Johnson, enraged, flies in and screams

Brad Newton [1:57 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Iowa State is too busy playing North Dakota State. (What could possibly go wrong there?)

Spencer Hall [1:57 PM]:

The players hit the locker room and are just waiting to get screamed at for ten minutes straight.

Spencer Hall [1:57 PM]:

So they play Gardner-Webb in an awful noon game. Tech is just garbage that day, and they only rush for like 79 yards in the first half.

Oh No Romo [1:56 PM]:

@Radwithab I don’t know, Northern Iowa is more so Ogdenville than Shelbyville.

Brad Newton [1:56 PM]:

@Spencer Hall What if you’re a soldier in the Kellen Winslow Jr sense?

Spencer Hall [1:55 PM]:

See, membership has its privileges

Jason Kirk [1:55 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [1:55 PM]:

This is a bold statement, but: all conferences are terrible.

Spencer Hall [1:55 PM]:

So because you’re all soldiers and exclusive SBN LIVE members, you get a special Paul Johnson story!

Brad Newton [1:53 PM]:

“What’s so special about this game anyway? It’s just another chapter in the pointless rivalry between Springfield and Shelbyville. They built a mini-mall, so we built a bigger mini-mall. They made the world’s largest pizza, so we burned down their city hall.”-If Iowa v. Northern Iowa were a simpson’s quote

Spencer Hall [1:53 PM]:

@Peter Berkes That’s good because there’s no way you should let him sleep indoors

Peter Berkes [1:52 PM]:

@Spencer Hall He’ll resist corrosion for another winter now

Spencer Hall [1:51 PM]:

Lou Holtz has had a fresh bronzing.

Happy_Time_Harry [1:50 PM]:

LHN. That’s why nobody saw it

Pete Volk [1:50 PM]:

Those are some bad stats in there — Georgia Southern has the passing lead as well

Pete Volk [1:50 PM]:

Jason Kirk [1:50 PM]:

Ian Boyd [1:50 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Haha, are you new here?

Steven Godfrey [1:49 PM]:

Wow I’ve really derailed LIVE with one comment about Mack Brown’s weight

Clay Wendler [1:49 PM]:

where is mack brown flashing his gut

Ian Boyd [1:48 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey I need Clay to help me out here.

Lucas Jackson [1:48 PM]:

Georgia Southern. Atlanta’s football team.

Steven Godfrey [1:48 PM]:

@Ian Boyd It was one of those “Experts” segments where 8 freshly fired coaches stand around awkwardly

Jason Kirk [1:47 PM]:


TV guide tries to hype awful Western Michigan-Purdue game

Yup, even the person doing the TV info is taking shots.

Ian Boyd [1:47 PM]:

I’ve searched the ESPNs and have not found the elusive Mack-gut

Steven Godfrey [1:46 PM]:

Georgia Southern TD.

Jason Kirk [1:46 PM]:

Well, yeah

Brad Newton [1:46 PM]:

Devin Funchess < Ron Funches

Peter Berkes [1:45 PM]:

My cat just meowed at me and all I heard was WOW WOW WOW

Steven Godfrey [1:45 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [1:45 PM]:

“Hi, I’m Butch Davis for Mashed Potato Neck Injections.”

Clay Wendler [1:44 PM]:

Jason Kirk [1:43 PM]:


Brad Newton [1:43 PM]:

@Ian Boyd I think it’s only be sheer virtue of Navy being up. By virtue, I cant proclaim “Triple Option” as being too excitinv

Jason Kirk [1:42 PM]:

Michigan 35, App State 0. Shame conference realignment’s ruined this rivalry

Steven Godfrey [1:42 PM]:

It’s ESPN2

Steven Godfrey [1:42 PM]:

ESPNU I think, Ian

Ian Boyd [1:41 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Channel, por favor?

Ian Boyd [1:41 PM]:

@Jason Kirk @can’twait

Steven Godfrey [1:41 PM]:

WOAH – Anyone check out the gut on Mack Brown?

Jason Kirk [1:41 PM]:

Iowa plays North Dakota State in 2016. #soundinvestments #wisdom #greatchoices

Ian Boyd [1:41 PM]:

@Radwithab The one that I don’t get. I think tOSU games are blocked in Ann Arbor

Steven Godfrey [1:40 PM]:

Georgia Tech’s trying to run a two-minute offense.

Brad Newton [1:40 PM]:

So, Navy – OSU is the most entertaining game this morning?

Spencer Hall [1:39 PM]:

North Dakota State’s helmets are tight as hell

Steven Godfrey [1:39 PM]:

Hey guys, Northwestern and Cal is gonna be better than you think. #takes

Peter Berkes [1:38 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni #NSFW

Oh No Romo [1:37 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Permission to kick inside the opposing team’s territory is included in all Ag bills.

Steven Godfrey [1:37 PM]:


Steven Godfrey [1:37 PM]:

Ian Boyd [1:37 PM]:

North Dakota State gets an INT with 1:00 left in the half. 1st play, screen pass reaches the Cyclone 12…

Ryan Nanni [1:36 PM]:

sup danrubenstein

Peter Berkes [1:36 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey I said kick the damn field goal

Steven Godfrey [1:36 PM]:

@Peter Berkes “Sir, it’s 2nd and 2.”

Clay Wendler [1:36 PM]:

Peter Berkes [1:35 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey I believe in small government, and for being safe and kicking the field goal when it’s there

Steven Godfrey [1:34 PM]:

Wait two Iowa football teams have combined for 30 points in a half. I think they need to permission from the governor to keep going.

Brad Newton [1:34 PM]:

Navy missed a FG, thus shattering everything I learned about that soccer movie with the Goat

Spencer Hall [1:34 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey powerslides through that missed field goal

Steven Godfrey [1:33 PM]:

@Spencer Hall It’s Donkey Kong on Mario Kart – no acceleration but great handling

Ian Boyd [1:33 PM]:

ISU’s Sam Richardson with the brilliant strategy to throw into triple coverage and cause the Bison safeties to run into each other and incur injury

PocketChange [1:33 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey The Georgia Tech – Wofford Battle of the Triple Option must be riveting football

Spencer Hall [1:32 PM]:

Navy’s two minute offense is basically their ten minute offense

sandy.northrop.7 [1:32 PM]:

Touchdown UVA, benched Lambert and immediately march down the field and score a td

Steven Godfrey [1:32 PM]:

Triple option update: Navy leads Ohio State, Georgia Southern leads NC State, Georgia Tech looks like a bag of ass

Oh No Romo [1:32 PM]:

Or will go into halftime

Oh No Romo [1:31 PM]:

Iowa goes into halftime up 17-13.

Ian Boyd [1:31 PM]:

Michigan blocks a punt, returns it for a TD

BrodyLogan [1:31 PM]:

Ohio State scored a touchdown in the first half of every game last season #GOATDEFENSE

Peter Berkes [1:30 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Just going to let this play for the next 12 hours

Ian Boyd [1:29 PM]:

@Jason Kirk I’m assuming it’s terrible but I haven’t spoken to anyone who’s seen it

Clay Wendler [1:29 PM]:

Oh No Romo [1:28 PM]:

Two straight offsides calls on UNI gives Iowa the first down in UNI territory

Pete Volk [1:27 PM]:

Matt Johns in at quarterback for Virginia, replacing Grayson Lambert.

Jason Kirk [1:27 PM]:

@Ian Boyd hell naw

Jason Kirk [1:27 PM]:

Ian Boyd [1:27 PM]:

Did anyone see draft day?

Spencer Hall [1:26 PM]:

Assuming all those new gray hairs on Urban’s head appeared today

Oh No Romo [1:25 PM]:

@matthew_k Yeah, it’s Iowa. Just look at how much time they’re using on this drive.

Brad Newton [1:25 PM]:

@hamiltoncook That’s a funny way of spelling “Clemson”

Trevor Magnotti [1:25 PM]:

@hamiltoncook Stanford University Los Angeles campus

Jason Kirk [1:25 PM]:

UCLA defense 21, all other units in this game 3

hamiltoncook [1:24 PM]:

UCLA is turning into Michigan State West

Matthew Kenerly [1:24 PM]:

Are we sure this is Iowa playing this game? They just had 4 WRs on the field.

Spencer Hall [1:24 PM]:

Kid Rock and I aren’t making it out of this season together

Charlie Gebow [1:24 PM]:

And again!

Brad Newton [1:24 PM]:

5- Hour Energy advertising Yummification, that suspiciously sounds like mummification, which only supports my theory that it’s actually embalming fluid

Jason Kirk [1:23 PM]:

Sun Belt ain’t damn playin’.

Ian Boyd [1:23 PM]:

Michigan is taking out 7 years of frustration on the current App St QB.

Pete Volk [1:23 PM]:

Matthew Kenerly [1:22 PM]:

And Georgia Southern with an easy pick. NC State not looking very good in this first half

Peter Berkes [1:21 PM]:

Verne with the “WOW WOW WOW” after Navy strings out Ohio State’s running game.

hamiltoncook [1:21 PM]:

I think Navy has seen the option in practice before

Matthew Kenerly [1:21 PM]:

Welp, NDSU just punched it in out in Ames, 14-14 with ISU

Ian Boyd [1:20 PM]:

The Bison found the ISU CB who’s only about 5’5"

Clay Wendler [1:20 PM]:

Jason Kirk [1:20 PM]:

How exactly have Navy and Ohio State not combined for 2341235 rushing yards

Ian Boyd [1:20 PM]:

Welp, North Dakota State mounting a comeback here vs the Cyclones…here we go

Oh No Romo [1:20 PM]:

UNI ends up with field goal after the big play. Iowa’s lead is now 14-13.

Jason Kirk [1:19 PM]:

Brad Newton [1:18 PM]:

ain’t trustin any of those links, you might be the fed

Ian Boyd [1:17 PM]:

If you played college fantasy football you wanted Devin Funchess this year

Brad Newton [1:16 PM]:

Not unlike the Barbary Coast, Navy benefitted from a review and ultimately went nowhere

Oh No Romo [1:16 PM]:

David Johnson with a wide-open catch and big run on Iowa.

Charlie Gebow [1:16 PM]:

Can’t change who you are, UVA

Jason Kirk [1:16 PM]:

Virginia’s offense giving up another offensive touchdown!

Peter Berkes [1:15 PM]:

Total Gooch move.

Jason Kirk [1:15 PM]:

Penalty on Virginia player named Gooch. Classic Gooch! #GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH

Peter Berkes [1:14 PM]:

Interception in the red zone and a quick punt. Ohio State has flipped the field on Navy, and that’s probably the goal all along.

Peter Berkes [1:14 PM]:

Gary has stumbled onto the reason why football players work out. GOod for him.

Ian Boyd [1:13 PM]:

We all know the best example of real violence is staged violence

Ian Boyd [1:13 PM]:

Announcer on big hit “If that wasn’t WWE I don’t know what is.” Color guy “that may be the best analogy I’ve ever heard.”

Oh No Romo [1:12 PM]:

Weisman plows his way through for a touchdown after a defensive holding call on the previous play. Iowa is back up again.

Ryan Nanni [1:11 PM]:


BrodyLogan [1:11 PM]:

Forward pass

Brad Newton [1:10 PM]:

This has been said before, but, Gary and uncle Verne calling a B1G game is like bumping into a teacher at an Adult Bookstore

Jason Kirk [1:10 PM]:

Matt Millen wants you to “straighten your shorts out.”

Bob Lynch [1:10 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [1:10 PM]:

navy :(

Will Campbell [1:09 PM]:

Hoos get the stop again

Matthew Kenerly [1:09 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey If they’d been named the Penguins, that would’ve been the absolute best

Jason Kirk [1:08 PM]:

438-minute touchdown drive coming for Navy

Charlie Gebow [1:08 PM]:

UCLA’s offensive line… Well, they’re trying?

Steven Godfrey [1:08 PM]:

@Pete Volk Fear the wingless eagles of GSU

Clay Wendler [1:08 PM]:

UCLA is garbage

Brad Newton [1:08 PM]:

That #x27 is going places

Pete Volk [1:07 PM]:

Things aren’t going so well for Year 2 of Dave Doeren at NC State.

Brian Pickett [1:07 PM]:

that looked a lot weirder without the weird formatting in that headline

Pete Volk [1:07 PM]:

Brian Pickett [1:07 PM]:

I personally love havin’ fun

hamiltoncook [1:06 PM]:

Navy has Combat Air Patrol up and operational

Peter Berkes [1:06 PM]:

@Duckettherbiemsu nowhere, really

Jason Kirk [1:06 PM]:

Apologies for that ‘s stuff in our titles in Live, y’all. Lookin’ like Mark Richt butt dials all day long

Duckettherbiemsu [1:06 PM]:

Where was Barrett going with that anyway

GloboNole [1:05 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Or…….

Jason Kirk [1:05 PM]:


Brett Favre&#x27;s nephew just havin&#x27; fun, turnin&#x27; ball over to Kentucky

This is Dylan Favre, formerly of Mississippi State and now of UT-Martin, just reachin’ back and windin’ it up and corkin’ it loose and lettin’ it fly and grinnin’ at the gals and makin’ that thang whistle and zippin’ it off and sailin’ one high and shootin’ the stratosphere and hittin’ the acrobatic Wildcat and plunkin’ the bean and rotatin’ the burrito and grippin’ and whippin’ and slippin’ and…

Matthew Kenerly [1:05 PM]:

@Peter Berkes Or not.

Peter Berkes [1:05 PM]:


Peter Berkes [1:04 PM]:

Ohio State looks like they might be shaking off the rust. Getting Marshall involved and he seems, well, good.

Will Campbell [1:04 PM]:

Suspect non-call on 3rd and short but UVa gets on the board with a FG 7-3 Bruins

BrodyLogan [1:03 PM]:

@Peter Berkes I don’t think John Feinstein owns anything else

Clay Wendler [1:02 PM]:

UT martin is going to give up 80 pts

Peter Berkes [1:02 PM]:

@BrodyLogan Was this person wearing wrinkled khakis, by chance?

Matthew Kenerly [1:02 PM]:

And WMU just broke a 61-yard run to take the lead against Purdue

BrodyLogan [1:01 PM]:

“I’ve had marriages that were shorter than these time outs” – PRESS BOX HUMOR Y’ALL!

Pete Volk [1:01 PM]:

Big third down gain from Virginia! They’re in UCLA territory now.

Ian Boyd [1:00 PM]:

POP pass from Michigan, I think. Quick hitter to the slot

Matthew Kenerly [1:00 PM]:

NDSU just went like 90 yards in one play. Wow.

BrodyLogan [1:00 PM]:

There’s a guy wearing wrap-around Brett Hart shades, in civilian clothes, in the middle of the Midshipmen section

Brad Newton [12:58 PM]:

Chelsea up 2-0 on Everton already for those wondering

Pete Volk [12:58 PM]:

Virginia defensive pressure forces another UCLA punt. 7-0 Bruins still.

sandy.northrop.7 [12:58 PM]:

My god Narduzzi is going to love his toys at UVA next year

Spencer Hall [12:58 PM]:

Oh hi y’all

Ian Boyd [12:58 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Bad throw, amazing defense.

Will Campbell [12:58 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Oh my

hamiltoncook [12:57 PM]:


Clay Wendler [12:57 PM]:

Jason Kirk [12:57 PM]:


Pete Volk [12:57 PM]:

BrodyLogan [12:57 PM]:

Speaking of Pizza Ranch, Texans only eat pizza with ranch dressing.

Peter Berkes [12:56 PM]:

I treasure my childhood memories visiting Grandpa up at the family pizza ranch

Brad Newton [12:56 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Pizza Ranch is B1G Network’s answer to that HBO show about the Bunny Ranch

Jason Kirk [12:56 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [12:56 PM]:

Iowa State now up two TDs on a Dakota school!

Oh No Romo [12:56 PM]:

Iowa State is about to go up 14-0 on North Dakota State

Peter Berkes [12:56 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Life, art.

Ian Boyd [12:56 PM]:

The FR WR that Rhoads signed and gloated getting vs Notre Dame just torched a Bison safety

Ryan Nanni [12:56 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey is that where pizza is grown?

Oh No Romo [12:56 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Yep…

Steven Godfrey [12:55 PM]:

B1G Network is showing an ad for Pizza Ranch.

airfigaro [12:55 PM]:

@Clay Wendler The only way UVA beats UCLA is by avoiding plays like that. Opps

Jason Kirk [12:54 PM]:


Paul Rhoads&#x27; arguing game already in mid-season form

The man paints a picture with movement.

Steven Godfrey [12:53 PM]:

Over on SECN, Brett Favre’s nephew is throwing GLORIOUS INT after INT

Peter Berkes [12:52 PM]:

Oh good heavens, Hoos.

Oh No Romo [12:52 PM]:

Northern Iowa just scored and is up 10-7. Iowa has been struggling since that opening drive TD.

Clay Wendler [12:52 PM]:

Jeremy Mauss [12:51 PM]:

@matthew_k It’s a Favre, that is all what matters

Matthew Kenerly [12:50 PM]:

Or maybe it’s his nephew. Close enough.

Matthew Kenerly [12:49 PM]:

Oh, hey, Brett Favre’s kid is the QB for Tennessee-Martin! Sure is nice to see him chucking the pigskin around for the first time.

Jeremy Mauss [12:49 PM]:

@Jason Kirk I’m going for the underdog, so that was my reason

Clay Wendler [12:49 PM]:

Trevor Magnotti [12:47 PM]:

Virginia gonna Virginia.

Jason Kirk [12:47 PM]:

SIX POINTS for UCLA off a tipped pick-six. INSURMOUNTABLE for Virginia.

mduffster [12:47 PM]:

That was always gonna be whatever was called on the field, I guess

Charlie Gebow [12:47 PM]:

UCLA pick-six

Peter Berkes [12:46 PM]:

I would have given it to him because it would be a bummer not to

Jason Kirk [12:46 PM]:

@Jeremy Mauss All sorts of knees and out of bounds business in play, though. Hard to tell right here!

Peter Berkes [12:46 PM]:

Tough to tell from the angles whether his knee is down

Jeremy Mauss [12:46 PM]:

He hit the pylon and that is considered the goal line

Jeremy Mauss [12:46 PM]:


Jason Kirk [12:45 PM]:

That look like a Navy TD to you guys?

Steven Godfrey [12:44 PM]:

7-0 Georgia Southern: NC State’s about to not make you feel as bad, Gators.

Matthew Kenerly [12:44 PM]:

Georgia Southern at it again, big play gives ’em a 7-0 lead on NC State

Pete Volk [12:44 PM]:

Virginia forcing another UCLA punt

BrodyLogan [12:43 PM]:

Urban’s testing that ticker sprinting to challenge this one

Jason Kirk [12:43 PM]:


BrodyLogan [12:43 PM]:


Jason Kirk [12:43 PM]:

Uncle Gary sure complains a lot about FANCY NANCY GOAL LINE DEFENSES for someone who complains about Navy calling a QB sneak.

Clay Wendler [12:40 PM]:

Ian Boyd [12:39 PM]:

Regarding Sims vs Coker: Nick will start whichever one is less likely to throw a pick that makes him want to strangle a walk-on to death

Will Campbell [12:39 PM]:

@sandy.northrop.7 Fro what I understand, Lambert has a cannon, but Fairchild (OC) is about as conservative as they come. Lambert is a new QB but you have to see if he can sling it eventually

Jason Kirk [12:38 PM]:

BrodyLogan [12:38 PM]:

@Ryan Nanni the empty seats and overcast gloom add to it

Bud Elliott [12:37 PM]:

UVA going to win a few games this year if Lambert can avoid mistakes like he’s doing. Defense pretty good.

josejose50 [12:37 PM]:

@Jason Kirk so robocop

Ian Boyd [12:37 PM]:

Seems the biggest thing Nussmeier has brought to UM so far has been sharpening up their pass game. Gardner is 6-6, 102 yards, 2 TD

sandy.northrop.7 [12:36 PM]:

@Will Campbell Can Lambert throw the ball beyond 5 yards. My parents are UVA alums so I understand your cynicism

Ryan Nanni [12:36 PM]:

How’s the sad pizza in Baltimore? Decent?

Jason Kirk [12:36 PM]:

UCLA-Virginia is getting #B1G.

Clay Wendler [12:35 PM]:

that makes me want to join the navy

ImTerry [12:35 PM]:

Michigan scores again 14-0

hamiltoncook [12:35 PM]:

Watching Uncle Verne and Gary on a B1G game is wierd

Brad Newton [12:35 PM]:

@Jason Kirk The ranks on the sholders is a nice touch too

Jason Kirk [12:34 PM]:

BrodyLogan [12:34 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Navy Ohio State… the Navy goats are more beautiful in person

Brad Newton [12:34 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey When deciding between the PS4 or Xbox one, the thing to keep in mind is Microsoft is a software company and Sony is a Hardware company, they both have their advantages and disadvantages

Ian Boyd [12:34 PM]:

Michigan running the ball with authority now, I’m seeing at least 8-9 wins for them.

Will Campbell [12:34 PM]:

@sandy.northrop.7 I’ not very objective, being a UVa grad, but LOL no. Maybe if they had a competent HC

Steven Godfrey [12:34 PM]:

@Radwithab You’re making it really hard for me to stand by my “never again” stance after the second red ring on 360

Steven Godfrey [12:33 PM]:

Oh my, Kentucky is officially competent. Vandy’s going 0-12

Brad Newton [12:33 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey You can also control your Cable Box, DVR, and TV through the xbox and with smart glass app for iOS or android it acts as a remote for all three

Steven Godfrey [12:32 PM]:

It deserves another mention – Navy’s uniforms are so, so badass.

Ian Boyd [12:32 PM]:

Funchess just jumped over his first defender of the year. Gardner looks really sharp.

sandy.northrop.7 [12:32 PM]:

Question is UVA a top 25 team if they have a competent QB

Steven Godfrey [12:31 PM]:

@Radwithab Damn, that is sexy.

Ian Boyd [12:31 PM]:

@Clay Wendler There it is. You are the best.

Jason Kirk [12:30 PM]:


Ian Boyd [12:30 PM]:

Michigan’s pressure packages this year are legit. They’ve got Jake Ryan coming from every conceivable angle.

Clay Wendler [12:30 PM]:

Pete Volk [12:30 PM]:

UCLA return touchdown just called back on personal foul penalty. Player put helmet back on in middle of play.

Steven Godfrey [12:29 PM]:

@matthew_k It’s amazing. That family is so happy

Ian Boyd [12:29 PM]:

@josejose50 there you go.

Brad Newton [12:29 PM]:

@Steven Godfrey Snap allows you to split your screen between different apps the Xbox Runs. I currently have Watch ESPN and my native cable on the same screen

ImTerry [12:29 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Michigan 7 App St 0

Steven Godfrey [12:29 PM]:

Verne’s calling tOSU / Navy, so that’s the game that gets the audio right now

josejose50 [12:29 PM]:

@Jason Kirk just finished some corned beef hash from Zingermans

Peter Berkes [12:29 PM]:

@Ian Boyd And that’s really saying something

Ian Boyd [12:28 PM]:

Paul Rhoads is in rare scream at the officials form today

Matthew Kenerly [12:28 PM]:

Is anyone else seeing this Hover Ball commercial?

Steven Godfrey [12:28 PM]:

@Radwithab elaborate, because I’m in the market for a next-gen and PS4 is leading by a mile

Charlie Gebow [12:28 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Bowl of Cheerios. It’s still morning here.

Peter Berkes [12:28 PM]:

@Jason Kirk rubbed on some chicken thighs and just tossed ’em in the crock pot for dinner in… 6 hours

Ian Boyd [12:28 PM]:

PB and H here with pretzels and hummus on the side…not terribly exciting

Jason Kirk [12:27 PM]:

Whatch’all eatin’? Apple-soaked pork and sweet taters here, Cheerwine and such awaiting

Brad Newton [12:27 PM]:

xbox one’s snap feature is a godsend for saturday viewing

Peter Berkes [12:26 PM]:

So Ohio State’s freshman kicker just hit a laser from 46 yards. College kickers smh

Ian Boyd [12:26 PM]:

Everyone should tune in to Paul Rhoads acting out the play for the officals that he thought was unfairly flagged as targeting

Steven Godfrey [12:26 PM]:

Two computer monitors, laptop, TV, iPad = 7 games going. Kiss my ass, Phil Steele

Peter Berkes [12:23 PM]:

Navy comes up with a big sack on Barrett. Look good, play good.

Ian Boyd [12:23 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Unless you are talking Middle-Earth bestiary, Bud knows what’s up

Jason Kirk [12:22 PM]:

Just wanna note :bud: is a few points shy of a 4-0 start and he picked Virginia +22 vs. UCLA.

Jason Kirk [12:22 PM]:


COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING: Week 1&#x27;s 15 best picks

Welcome back to our weekly college football gambling column. It’s called COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING. Today, let’s talk about Week 1 and the last of the five power conferences, the Big Ten.

Matthew Kenerly [12:21 PM]:

How weird… I think the Delaware/Pitt feed online is a good 3 minutes ahead of the TV feed

Bryan M. Vance [12:21 PM]:

Anyone watching sweet, sweet Purdue-WMU action?

Pete Volk [12:21 PM]:

Virginia defense out here dominating UCLA. Just sacked Hundley on 3rd & 21

Steven Godfrey [12:21 PM]:

Merry Christmas, y’all. Shitter’s full.

sandy.northrop.7 [12:20 PM]:

UVA’s defense is getting a lot of pressure on Hundley

Peter Berkes [12:20 PM]:

I think Ken Niumatalolo sleeps with that visor on

Jason Kirk [12:18 PM]:

@BrodyLogan Elite Live behavior. Which game?

David Wunderlich [12:17 PM]:

Did Al Borges move over to defensive coordinator?

Matthew Kenerly [12:16 PM]:

NDSU misses Craig Bohl, I think. Iowa State with an early 7-0 lead.

BrodyLogan [12:16 PM]:

Do I get some sort of achievement badge for being here in a press box?

Ian Boyd [12:16 PM]:

I don’t think the Bison will repeat their upset ways against Iowa State today

Ian Boyd [12:15 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Devin Gardner looked really sharp on their 1st drive, ended with a TD strike to Funchess. Run blocking was really bad

Peter Berkes [12:15 PM]:

Navy is looking resplendent in their dress whites

Jason Kirk [12:15 PM]:

Anybody watching App State-Michigan? Someone please be our eyes.

Jason Kirk [12:13 PM]:

If anyone’s looking for Ohio State-Navy, it’s on CBSSN! Just like Houston Nutt!

Peter Berkes [12:12 PM]:

Ohio State punts on the first drive. More like JT FRAUDETT ha ha right

Will Campbell [12:11 PM]:

@Pete Volk UVa’s gameplan so far: run up the middle, run to the left, run to the right….pick up first via throw. #MikeLondon’d

Pete Volk [12:11 PM]:

First down Virginia! Kevin Parks has looked explosive so far

Alfie Crow [12:10 PM]:

Weisman for Heisman kick returner

Oh No Romo [12:10 PM]:

Iowa’s up 7-0 on UNI.

Ian Boyd [12:10 PM]:

Michigan’s OL picking up where they left off last year

Will Campbell [12:09 PM]:

Ahhh UVa football, let’s use our timeouts on the first drive. I am sure these plays weren’t predetermined anyways :-(

Jason Kirk [12:09 PM]:


Jason Kirk [12:09 PM]:


Lucas Jackson [12:09 PM]:

This thread needs more Dr. Norris Camacho

Jason Kirk [12:09 PM]:


Peter Berkes [12:09 PM]:

@Pete Volk James Franklin nods in approval

Clay Wendler [12:08 PM]:

Pete Volk [12:08 PM]:

Virginia’s old clock management nightmares return, burning a timeout on their first drive

Peter Berkes [12:06 PM]:

Uncle Verne and Gary calling Ohio State-Navy. Can’t imagine Gary won’t have plenty to say about Urban Meyer.

Jason Kirk [12:04 PM]:


3 things we learned from Penn State&#x27;s win over UCF

The Nittany Lions have a season-opening win, and might have the Big Ten’s best quarterback.

Matthew Kenerly [12:04 PM]:

And by five, I mean 12

Matthew Kenerly [12:03 PM]:

It’s great to roll out of bed and have like five games at my disposal. College football is great.

Jason Kirk [12:02 PM]:


Stone Cold Steve Austin drinks beer on &#x27;College GameDay,&#x27; everybody shoots guns


Peter Berkes [11:58 AM]:


Ian Boyd [11:52 AM]:

Big win for Penn State, UCF is no joke

Jason Kirk [11:49 AM]:

Hey y’all! We’ll be in here in a few. STONE COLD