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12 photos of Baylor's ridiculously pretty new stadium

Baylor's 45,000-seat football stadium gets its major debut Sunday night against SMU.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Fact: we're putting a $235 million stadium on the Brazos River that 44 million people are going to see a year that's gonna represent Baylor University for generations to come. We're one of the only schools in America to have a stadium on a river and on a major highway. Lot of people have beautiful stadiums, but you gotta drive to 'em. This one's in your face. That's a fact. -- Art Briles

Look at this thing.

Whether or not the sailgating tradition along the Brazos River ever matches Washington's or the Vol Navy, this is about as gorgeous as a stadium can get.

It's good for your physical fitness.

It's got a new statue of Robert Griffin III.

It's got Robert Griffin III himself.

It's got technology!

It's got nature!

I don't know how, but it empowers people to fly.

It looks even prettier at night.

Kinda unsure how you pay full attention to the game in front of you, but you do your best.

Wire photos by Jerome Miron, USA Today, and Ronald Martinez, Getty.