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Baylor QB Bryce Petty plans to play despite cracked bones near his spine

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The quarterback kept playing with a spinal injury Sunday night and now expects to keep going.

Fox Sports 1

Update, September 1: An MRI showed Baylor QB Bryce Petty has two cracks in his transverse processes, bones near his spine, according to CBS Sports. He's reportedly expecting to play anyway in Week 2 against FCS Northwestern State.

Original, August 31: After taking a shot to his midsection early on against SMU, senior Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty could be seen wincing and holding the left side of his lower back after every other throw. According to Fox Sports 1, Baylor trainers said the Heisman contender is fine, but announcers speculated he might've hurt either his hip or his back.

After a second quarter plunge for a touchdown that put Baylor up, 31-0, Petty needed help off the turf before walking to the sideline and taking a seat. He appeared to be done for the day -- with 142 total yards and three touchdowns despite a few overthrows, perhaps caused by his hampered condition -- but he came back in during Baylor's next possession.

Backup Seth Russell, a redshirt sophomore, was warming up on the sideline during the interim.

With this game very much in hand, there aren't many clear reasons to keep Petty in. Baylor might not have needed him at all in order to beat the Mustangs, but it definitely doesn't need him out there now, not with a Big 12 schedule on the way.