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Robert Griffin III spent Sunday night at Baylor's new stadium, and all was right

College football misses you, RGIII.

Fox Sports 1

Remember RGIII?

Not RGIII the NFL hot takes magnet or RGIII the branding guru or RGIII the awful fit for certain misguided pro offenses. Robert Griffin III, the greatest player in Baylor history and the biggest delight of college football for an entire season.

RGIII, the track star from Copperas Cove who followed Art Briles to Waco and helped transform one of college football's most pointless programs to such a degree that its new, impossibly pretty stadium is nicknamed "The House That RGIII Built." Sunday night, he helped open that stadium during the Bears' game against SMU. He beheld his own statue:

He took selfies with the freshmen:

He administered proceedings with George W. Bush:

He led the band at halftime:

And no matter how he's thought of by NFL fans, he's a -- well, not a god, since this is Baylor. But he's about as close as you can get.

He's RGIII, and he's a rich and famous athlete whom we all hope has a fantastic career as a player and otherwise. Right now, though, he looks home.