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Texas AD Steve Patterson on smaller programs: 'Why should we share?'

The new man in charge of one of the nation's biggest athletic programs stirred up controversy yet again.

Erich Schlegel

The Big 12 held the first of a series of forums on the state of college athletics Wednesday afternoon in New York City, and Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson stole headlines with a number of controversial quotes.

Moderated by Jimmy Roberts, the panel consisted of Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, three Big 12 athletic directors (including Patterson), three journalists, Sports Management Resources founder Dr. Donna Lopiano, Baylor University President Judge Ken Starr and former Denver Bronco (and Texas Longhorn) Selvin Young.

Patterson shared a dismissive attitude toward smaller sports and smaller schools.

Patterson may have brought the most attention with this money quote about the financial value of a scholarship  -- a price set by the university made up almost entirely of money athletes never actually see.

Twitter did not react too favorably to his comments.

Patterson has bent facts in the past when making arguments about the future of college athletics.