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2014 Underdogs Poll, Week 1: BYU leaps to the front of the pack

The Underdogs have a new top dog, which is actually a cougar, but that's just a minor detail.

BYU quarterback Taysom Hill.
BYU quarterback Taysom Hill.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of the 2014 college football season is (almost) in the books, and with it a wacky week of games. As a group, non-power-conference teams put up some interesting performances, including a pair of downright stinkers Sunday night.

What does that mean for The Underdogs Poll? Well, pure chaos.

1 BYU (6) 254 5
2 Marshall (9) 236 1
3 Cincinnati (2) 194 4
4 UCF 184 3
5 ECU (1) 178 12
6 Louisiana-Lafayette 153 8
7 NIU 129 10
8 UTSA 120 NR
9 WKU 115 NR
10 Boise State 112 2
11 Colorado State 78 NR
12 Navy 72 13
13 Toledo 69 15
14 SDSU 60 14
15 Temple (1) 57 NR
DROPPED OUT: Houston, Bowling Green, Utah State, Fresno State | OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Utah State (44), Tulsa (26), Fresno State (23), Houston (18), Ball State (17), Arkansas State (15), Nevada (13), Louisiana-Monroe (13), Bowling Green (12), UTEP (10), San Jose State (7), Middle Tennessee (6), Ohio (5), Rice (4), Akron (3), Memphis (3), Georgia Southern (2), UAAB (2), Wyoming (2).

We've got a new No. 1 this week in BYU. The Cougars looked sloppy in their 35-10 win over UConn, but were still impressive enough to hike their way up the rankings four spots this week, leaping Marshall, which managed to hang on to the most first-place votes in spite of struggling with Miami (Ohio), a team that hasn't won a game in over a year.

Conference Power Rankings

Four teams dropped out. Temple somehow got a first-place vote (I guess pummeling an SEC team, Vanderbilt, will do that for ya), Cincinnati hasn't even played yet and is rising in the polls, and yes, for the first time since 2006, we have a Larry Coker sighting in a college football poll. Coker's Roadrunners got the better of those wily Houston Cougars on Friday night, and look like a team to reckon with in the Conference USA's West division.

*As you may have noticed, there are more total votes this week. Why? We added another voter because I love doing so much math.

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