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Yes, new Lions QB Brad Kaaya's mom was the 'Bye, Felicia' girl in 'Friday'

You're probably going to hear about this every time he plays on TV.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

For no major reason, this scene from 1995's Friday might have the most staying power of any of the film's moments:

"Bye, Felicia" is just a tremendous dismissal of anyone for any reason, basically. So it's stuck with us.

The actress paying Felicia* in that scene is Angela Means Kaaya, mother of former four-star Miami Hurricanes starting quarterback Brad Kaaya, of West Hills, Calif. College football fans who know how frequently these bio tidbits get mentioned by announcers during games can prepare to hear her name a few times this season. He's since been drafted in the sixth round by the Detroit Lions.

Means Kaaya has no problem with sharing a piece of her son's fame:

"I feel blessed," Means Kaaya said with both hands on her heart. "It came back around right when Brad goes off to school. A character I played is a big part of pop culture. What is that?"

She's still getting royalty checks, too. Nine months ago, the West Hills resident said she said she received a check for $1.17.

Years ago, Miami fans adopted the catchphrase as a slogan. It popped up frequently on social media the day Kaaya was announced as the Canes' starter.

Stuart Scott and Keith Olbermann were among the first few broadcasters to point out the acting career of the quarterback's mother, but more joined in along the way. And since that meant more "Bye, Felicia" in our lives, it was fine.

* There's some debate about the name's spelling -- IMDb has "Felisha," but Means Kaaya herself has had "Felicia" in her Twitter bio. She wins that one.