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Texas Tech having a blackout on 'Celebrate Cotton' day

On a day devoted to cotton, the Red Raiders are asking fans to wear all black. Whoops.

Note: The official Texas Tech athletics account appears to have deleted its tweet announcing the "Celebrate Cotton" blackout.

"Celebrate Cotton" is a recent mid-September Texas Tech tradition having to do with West Texas' textiles industry.

From the school's athletics site:

All Red Raider fans are urged to wear black to this year's Celebrate Cotton game against Arkansas, as the Red Raiders will debut throwback uniforms from the Zach Thomas era (1992-95).

Last year, fans wore all white for the "Celebrate Cotton" game against Texas State.


Texas Tech associate athletic director/communications Blayne Beal responds:

"Blackout" games are something we do at Texas Tech. Red and Black are our school colors and a "Blackout" game signals that it's a big game. And Texas Tech-Arkansas is a big game.

We are wearing throwback uniforms on Saturday for the game and the jerseys are black -- so we are asking our fans to wear Black to support our team.

The purpose of the Celebrate Cotton game is to celebrate the cotton industry in West Texas -- one of the leading cotton producing regions in the world. This is our third year of the Celebrate Cotton game.