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Iowa and Iowa State police departments feud on Twitter

Even university police departments are participating in #HateWeek.

David Purdy

Iowa and Iowa State face off in football this week, so the police departments of the two schools decided to have some fun on Twitter. Iowa took the first shot ...

... and Iowa State took the bait.

Then ... got em.

Get it? Iowa State is 0-2, and that's hilarious. Unable to think of a good comeback, Iowa State's police department just resorted to bragging about its social media following. So pretentious, those Cyclones.

This isn't the first time the two departments engaged on Twitter. Last year, after officiating blew Iowa State's upset chance of Texas, the Iowa police sent the ISU police a tweet that may or may not have been related to the fact that some items were stolen out of Iowa's locker room in last year's Cy-Hawk game in Ames.