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Northern Illinois fans take shot at Big Ten in full-page newspaper ad

After yet another NIU win over a Big Ten team, Huskies fans are feeling good.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

You know what's a pretty underrated move in the college football taunting game? The full-page newspaper ad. Gets the word out better than any well-crafted tweet, helps save the print industry, and immortalizes the taunt in sweet, frame-able paper.

And if most taunting ads are misdemeanors, what an NIU alumni group just put in the Chicago Tribune is somewhere between a felony and a war crime.

That's an A+ effort with several bodies in its wake. The damage:

  1. Northwestern, NIU's most recent big-conference victim after the Huskies won 23-15 last week. You'll recall that Northwestern has recently anointed itself "Chicago's Big Ten team," and this designation has not particularly helped the 'Cats in any noticeable fashion. Nor has it stuck, apparently.
  2. Illinois, which has only played NIU four times and does not have any future dates with the Huskies scheduled. Of course, the Illini beat NIU as recently as 2010, but shhhhh, that's apparently not germane to the argument.
  3. The entire Big Ten, whose brand ("my god, think of the brands!" -- certain Northwestern alum) just got utterly ethered in one fell swoop by getting swapped out for "Big Time" by this MAC school with a 23,595-seat stadium. Like, "oh, the Big Ten? That's quaint."

And hey, NIU's riding a three-game winning streak against the Big Ten. What's Jim Delany going to say? "Nuh-uh"?

Of note: NIU has dates with Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland on its schedule in upcoming years. Give 'em this: the Huskies aren't scared.