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Arkansas vs. Texas Tech final score: 3 things we learned from the Hogs' 49-28 win

The Razorbacks can run the ball, and they are not afraid to do it.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas and Texas Tech traded blows for the first thirty minutes, but the Razorbacks pulled away in the second half, grinding down the Red Raiders for a 49-28 win in Lubbock. Arkansas rushed for 439 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground, and Texas Tech simply had no way to stop them.

As well as Arkansas ran the ball, Texas Tech threw the ball that well early. Davis Webb threw for two touchdowns and ran for another before halftime, and the game looked like it was in the balance. The Red Raiders just didn't have enough to hang with Arkansas, though, as their running game just ground the defense into dust as the game went along. Alex Collins went for 245 yards and Jonathan Williams picked up 146 yards on the ground, and Brandon Allen only threw the ball 12 times all day.

Three things we learned

1. Arkansas is not kidding about the whole running the football thing. Granted, Texas Tech is not the most ferocious opposition in the world, but the Hogs were a force on the ground on Saturday. They averaged a hair under seven yards per rush as a team, running almost entirely downhill right at the Tech defense. Jonathan Williams did the bulk of the scoring, punching it in four times, but Alex Collins added two scores himself, including this 84 yard scamper:


GIF credit: ABC

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2. Texas Tech has to grow up, but they're making progress. The Red Raiders have one of the youngest rosters in the country, but they looked a good deal better on Saturday than they did in their first two games. They still can't really run the ball that well, but Davis Webb and the passing game showed a lot of promise. The defense still leaves a lot to be desired, but this looks like a team that will get better as the year progresses.

3. Underestimate Arkansas at your own peril, SEC. The Razorbacks took their lumps last year, going winless in conference, but they will not suffer the same fate this year. They went toe-to-toe with Auburn, and look like they've made a significant step forward in year two of the Bielema regime.