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Rutgers' Gary Nova tries to throw from five yards past the line of scrimmage

Rutgers had the momentum early against Penn State in their Big Ten debut, taking a 10-0 lead, but the Nittany Lions stormed back and got up on the Scarlet Knights with under two minutes to go. Gary Nova was set to lead a thrilling game-winning drive, but he forgot about one of the important rules of football for quarterbacks.


Nova tried to throw it about four yards downfield. If he'd just ran out of bounds the clock would've stopped, but instead he picked up a penalty. It didn't end up being too damaging -- five yards from the spot of the foul meant this play was a loss of one instead of a gain of four, and there'd be an interception on fourth-and-12 -- but, well, it's funny. Penn State would hold on for the 13-10 win, although Rutgers acquitted themselves much better than many B1G pundits expected.