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Thursday college football TV/streaming schedule: It's Auburn-Kansas State night

It's Thursday, and that's a good thing! Auburn-Kansas State could be the biggest and best game of the weekend. It could be the biggest and best weeknight game of the year. It could be over in 59 minutes real time, considering the way these teams play offense. You might even have time to watch the NFL game! Ha! Who would ever want to do that!

Expect Manhattan, Kansas to reach maximum levels of turnuppedness for the program's biggest home game since at least October 2012. The Tigers approach with one of the country's most terrifying offenses, a running attack capable of dropping 400 yards on just about anybody, but K-State is disciplined on defense and capable of offensive explosions of its own.

An Auburn win officially makes the SEC West the most terrifying division of the century of the year, while a Wildcats upset gives Bob Stoops things to chuckle about through next year's spring ball.

How to watch

Adam Jacobi has your viewing details for the night, and for the college football weekend as a whole:

Best option: No. 5 Auburn at No. 20 Kansas State, 7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN, WatchESPN

Spread: Auburn -9
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Could the game of Week 4 come on a Thursday? Certainly this game's in the top three for this weekend. Kansas State would love to shake the world up with a win, but this is a team that is historically ripe for a beating; KSU has given up 40-plus points 11 times since Bill Snyder rejoined the team for the 2009 season, and Auburn's the kind of team that can hang a large number without breaking a sweat.

Also on: Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Alabama State, 7:30 p.m. ET, ESPNU, WatchESPN

Manhattan's excited!

That's the name of Auburn's quarterback, who was suspended for part of Week 1 due to weed. And that's the last name of Kansas State's quarterback, whose name is aquatic.

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Tonight's two team sites also traded Q&As with each other here and here. Read them both! Why not!

Look at some chatter

Happy Thursday!