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Texas A&M's new QB needs a nickname. 'Kenny Trill' it is.

That's a good nickname for a player from Texas whose last name is "Hill."

Grant Halverson

All great Texas A&M quarterbacks need nicknames. Apparently. So what do we call sudden star Kenny Hill when we cannot bear calling him Kenny Hill?

No, Johnny, that's your nickname.

IF SHUT OUT: Kenny Nil

IF IMMOBILE: Kenny Still


IF VOMITS: Kenny Spill OR Kenny Ill

No, Good Bull Hunting, those circumstantial nicknames are all very funny, but we need to assign one and stick with it.

Hill hails from Southlake, Texas, just a few hours from Houston, where legendary rap group UGK popularized "trill," a term used to refer to one who keeps it real. We'll wait to see how UGK member Bun B feels about this, but it appears he was cool with the previous nicknamed Aggie QB.

How does this work now? Do we vote on this? How many votes does "Kenny Trill" need in order to become official?


Update: Bun B has decreed:

Update No. 2: However, Hill's associates say: