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Mississippi State player suspended after stomping on LSU player

This stomp in the stomach on LSU's Devon Godchaux doesn't look like an accident. (We've updated with his explanation and the SEC's reaction below.)

Mississippi State's Dillon Day stomped on the stomach of LSU's Devon Godchaux. How rude!


The officials apparently didn't see Day's stomp and there was no penalty flag on the play. Which is probably good for Day since he very well could've been ejected. (MSU suspended Day for a half last year after a similar act against Auburn.)

Day had another incident later in the game that looked intentional to some as well:


His explanation:


And the SEC's -- MSU's next opponent is Texas A&M:

Upon review of game video from the contest between LSU and Mississippi State on Sept. 20 in Baton Rouge, La., SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has announced that Mississippi State senior center Dillon Day is suspended for the Bulldog's next game, which is scheduled for Oct. 4 in Starkville.

This action is the result of multiple flagrant and unsportsmanlike acts during the game, as well as previous disciplinary action for similar behavior.

This action is taken in accordance with Southeastern Conference Constitution, Article 4.4.2 (d) which states that a student-athlete may be suspended if it is determined that the student-athlete has committed a flagrant or unsportsmanlike act.