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CITRUS BOWL RETURNS, with really gross-sounding full name

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The Capital One Bowl is no more.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Early Monday morning, the Orange Bowl announced a new sponsor: Capital One, replacing Discover.

The move was an expected one, rumored ever since Discover ended its deal with the game in June. And it had some consequences for the New Year's Day, SEC-Big Ten bowl known for the last decade as the Capital One Bowl:

That's right, the CITRUS BOWL IS BACK, but the three-word corporate name that precedes it certainly makes it sound like a gross menu item. Let's break it down:

Citrus with chicken? Great! Buffalo wings? Also great! Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl? Gross!

Originally the Tangerine Bowl, the game first started in 1947, keeping that name through the 1982 season. The name was changed to the Florida Citrus Bowl in 1983, with CompUSA, and Capital One attaching their names to it between 1994 and 2002. In 2003, Capital One removed the "Citrus Bowl" portion entirely.

The Citrus Bowl isn't the only longtime bowl name making its triumphant return: the Peach Bowl is back too!