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Texas QB definitely does not know how College Football Playoff works

And that's okay!

Even before the season started, no one really expected Texas to make a run at the College Football Playoff. After a 1-2 start, including back-to-back losses to BYU and UCLA? It's safe to say the Longhorns have been eliminated from contention from the four-team playoff. Safe to say, that is, unless you are Tyrone Swoopes!

You, uh, sure about that Tyrone?

In his defense, the new playoff system is pretty confusing.

You can certainly say this -- Swoopes doesn't lack for confidence, a valuable trait to have in a quarterback, especially one in the midst of a rebuilding effort. He's now the long-term starter for the Longhorns after David Ash's retirement, and seeing this kind of confidence could give some much-needed encouragement to the rest of the team.

Or, you could say this.