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Former Michigan QB blasts program for botching Harbaugh, Rodriguez situations

Michael Taylor says 'Michigan football is not going in the right direction.'

Leon Halip

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke's hot seat has likely never been hotter than this week, with a 26-10 home loss to Utah coming just two weeks after a 31-0 drubbing at the hands of Notre Dame. Former Wolverines quarterback Michael Taylor, who helped lead Michigan to two Big Ten conference championships in his time in Ann Arbor, spoke out about the program in a radio interview Tuesday on the Ryan and Rico Show on WMGC-FM.

Taylor talked at length about the process that went into hiring Hoke, specifically noting the failure to hire San Francisco 49ers head coach and former Michigan quarterback Jim Harbaugh.

"We didn't get the coach who should have been our coach here (Harbaugh) because we insulted him in the first place. So then look who we get. It's nothing personal; Brady's a nice guy, I'm sure all you guys agree. I'll agree to that. Really nice guy, very personable guy. However, his pedigree did not deserve to be a $4-million coach here at Michigan."

Taylor also spoke of the dismissal of Hoke's predecessor, Rich Rodriguez, now 20-10 at Arizona. He blamed Rodriguez's failures on a lack of depth in the program ("We all understand he took over 50-55 scholarship players") and Twitter ("guys decided they were going to sabotage recruiting, badmouth the program on their social media outlets").

He also called the mistaken Michigan-Coke ticket promotion "very, very embarrassing," and said it was "appalling" that he had to "buy a ticket to come back and get honored."