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ECU fan having billboard fun at expense of North Carolina, NC State

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When you're on top, you get to deliver the trash talk.

Michael Shroyer

East Carolina isn't a traditional football powerhouse, but right now the Pirates look like the best team in their home state. That being the case, someone who supports the school has taken out a billboard so folks driving on the interstate are made aware of ECU's superiority.

For the uninitiated, 70-41 just happens to be the final score of East Carolina's most recent victory, a demolition of in-state rival North Carolina. And that pirate-language pun at the end is a reference to NC State's "Our State" billboards. ECU fans on Twitter are picking up on #beneathwho.

With wins over North Carolina and Virginia Tech, it's pretty clear that ECU is the best team in the ACC Coastal, even if the Pirates aren't really in that division. As for the Tar Heels, they're trying to learn about defense from an old pal: Grover.


About all the UNC fan can do to respond right now is to retweet grammar Photoshops.