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Brady Hoke left an apparently concussed Shane Morris in the game, has no answer for it

In between the time Shane Morris suffered what seemed to be an obvious concussion and the time he was carted off the field, Brady Hoke made him play football.

9/28 Update: In a statement, Hoke said Michigan is confident it acted properly in playing Morris who he said was evaluated for a leg injury. He did not mention a concussion.


There are a lot of reasons Michigan fans want Brady Hoke fired -- for starters, they've been outscored 87-24 in losses to Notre Dame, Utah, and Minnesota. Here's one more: Hoke forcing a wobbly Shane Morris to return to action in a 30-14 blowout:

It would've been bad enough if Morris had merely gotten an obvious concussion and been allowed to stay in for a play or two. And that did happen, as Morris threw an incompletion after stumbling around on an ankle he'd already injured.

But it's worse than that: Hoke realized Morris needed to come out of the game, put in Devin Gardner, then shortly thereafter allowed Morris to re-enter a game his team had no hope of winning. According to NCAA rules, Gardner had to leave for a play after having lost his helmet. Michigan could've then either called a timeout, in order to negate Gardner having to come out, or it could've subbed in its third-stringer, but it instead chose to send Morris back in.

When asked, Hoke had insufficient answers:

This is blatant disregard for the well-being of a young athlete, and it's kinda disturbing.