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The Big 12 won't let Bill Snyder wear his old windbreakers

Kansas State's head coach has reportedly been asked by the conference to stop wearing some of his old jackets.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

According to an AP report, the Big 12 Conference has asked Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder to stop wearing his windbreakers that feature the logos of old college bowl games. The long time Wildcats head coach is well known for his windbreaker fashion choices, and many will cry foul towards the conference for trying to change Snyder's game day wardrobe.

Now before you get mad, the Big 12 has a legitimate reason to make the request. The conference no longer has contracts with several of the bowl games whose logos were on Snyder's various windbreakers, while others have changed their sponsors or names. This is apparently a proactive move by the conference to avoid any issues, especially since Snyder sometimes shows up on national TV wearing the windbreakers.

One can only imagine how many windbreakers Snyder has after 26 years in charge at Kansas State.

Snyder apparently heeded the conferences request though, as  he was sporting a new white windbreaker, devoid of any bowl logos, during the Wildcats 52-28 win over UTEP on Saturday. Looks like he has a new lucky windbreaker.