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Brady Hoke had a player safety issue before Michigan hired him

The head coach was reprimanded for an incident during his time at Ball State.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke's recent controversy regarding the health of quarterback Shane Morris is not the first time he's come under fire for endangering player safety.

As Ball State's coach in 2004, Hoke was reprimanded by his athletic director after a player was frostbitten during a "disciplinary workout in subzero temperatures," according to an Associated Press article at the time.

Also reprimanded was Aaron Wellman, Michigan's current strength and conditioning coach.

Chris Jackson, a redshirt freshman wide receiver, suffered frostbite to "several fingers" during a 40-minute, 6 a.m. workout on January 31 of that year. Jackson and teammates carried a 25-pound sandbag up and down Scheumann Stadium, athletic director Bubba Cunningham told the AP. Associate professor of geography David Arnold told the AP the temperature at the start of the workout was -7 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of -12 degrees.

Hoke was hired by Michigan in January 2011 after two years at San Diego State.

In Saturday's contest against Minnesota, Hoke left an apparently concussed Morris in the game. When asked about the decision by the media, the coach said that if the quarterback didn't want to stay in the game, "he would've come to the sideline or stayed down." Michigan fans have since called for him to be fired.

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