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Kirk Herbstreit calls Brady Hoke criticism a 'witch hunt'

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Hoke left an apparently concussed 20-year-old in a football game.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan coach Brady Hoke has been heavily criticized for leaving apparently concussed quarterback Shane Morris in the game on Saturday, and rightfully so, since we know just how dangerous that is for athletes. However, ESPN college football analyst and former Ohio State player Kirk Herbstreit sees it as a "witch hunt" instead.

Hoke has said that Morris did not seem like he wanted to come out of the game, though that excuse has people up in arms. And our own Jane Coaston wants Hoke fired, not because of his losing record on the field, but because of his handling of that situation.

Not because of the losing. Not because Michigan is 1-8 in its last nine games against power-conference opponents. Not because Michigan has lost three games before October for the first time in its history. Not because Michigan is, by any objective measure, absolutely terrible right now. Terrible is doable. I have seen terrible. I have coped with terrible. I have watched terrible without any real prompting.

Brady Hoke has to be fired because he threw a 20-year-old quarterback under the fucking bus.