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Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield's waiver request denied by NCAA

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Mayfield's dad breaks out some old-timey insults for Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will have to sit out this season after his request for a waiver from the NCAA's one-year transfer rule was denied Monday, according to Ryan Aber of The Oklahoman. The decision from the NCAA comes just one week after the Big 12 had denied a similar request.

Mayfield, a former Texas Tech walk-on and the reigning Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year, transferred from Lubbock to Norman after last season. His proposed transfer was resisted by Texas Tech, though, pursuant to Big 12 intraconference transfer rules. Tech initially refused to allow Mayfield to receive a scholarship from Oklahoma until just weeks before the 2014 season began, after Oklahoma had already used its scholarships on other players. The Red Raiders could further resist any attempt for Mayfield, who played last season as a true freshman, to use a redshirt season during his mandatory one-year transfer waiting period. That would make Mayfield a junior when he can return to action in 2015.

Mayfield's dad blamed Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury for his son's plight:

"The driver and the scoundrel behind all this is Kliff," James Mayfield, Baker's father, said Monday. "He is so focused or hellbent on punishing Baker."

A scoundrel! That's the kind of language usually reserved for an 18th century reprobate, not the head coach of a Power 5 conference football program! Did James Mayfield give the interview while peering through a monocle or wearing a capotain hat?

To be fair, Kingsbury would not promise Mayfield the starting quarterback job or a scholarship after his freshman season, which is the sort of thing a scoundrel might do.