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Mike Sadler and @FauxPelini talk punting, charity work on Twitter

Because it's about time we raise awareness of punters getting benched syndrome.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This week's contest between Michigan State and Nebraska might be the Big Ten game of the year.  Sparty is the highest-ranked team in the conference and, if the media is to be believed, the only Big Ten team with a chance to make the College Football Playoff. Nebraska is the lone remaining undefeated team in the conference after five weeks. It would be a compelling matchup of Nebraska's running game against Michigan State's stifling defense.

Or it could devolve into a punt festival, a scenario contemplated on Twitter Monday by MSU punter Mike Sadler (@Sadler_3) and Faux Pelini.


Oh, they weren't done. Not even close.


Sadler and Faux Pelini had a similar discussion before bowl season last year. On that occasion, Sadler talked about fake punts and asked Pelini to buy him a t-shirt, a clear NCAA violation that would have sent Faux Nebraska to fake sanctions.

This is your daily reminder that Twitter is incredible.