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Petition to fire Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon has 10,000+ signatures

The university has been rumored to be looking at other candidates already.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

A Michigan student started a petition to remove athletic director Dave Brandon from his position at the university, accusing the former Domino's Pizza CEO of "alienating the current student body" due to poor decision-making and bringing negative press to the athletic department and the university.

Michigan has come under fire since quarterback Shane Morris was re-inserted into the team's loss against Minnesota after suffering a concussion earlier in the game. The university has reportedly started to look at other candidates for the athletic director position.

This isn't Brandon's first time he's run into controversy while running Michigan's athletic department. The program came under criticism after a misguided (and apparently accidental) promotion wherein fans could get two football tickets for buying two Cokes. That ties into another problem for the Wolverines under Brandon -- low fan attendance, thanks in part due to an increase in ticket prices by an average of $100 per seat.

The petition already has more than 10,000 signatures [it was 2,500 when we published this Tuesday]. Zeid El-Kilani, listed as the creator, said the Michigan football program has become a "black eye" for the school in the document's summary:

Upon being named the Athletic Director, Mr. Brandon stated "athletic programs play [a role] in helping to shape the culture and image of our university community." Unfortunately, under Mr. Brandon's tenure, the football program, one of the most prominent programs at the University of Michigan and in the nation, has become a black eye for the University of Michigan. Instead of adding to the image and prestige of the university, the state of the athletic department has hurt the connection shared between alumni, fans, and the university. 

Michigan fans made Brandon's Tuesday even worse by meeting on campus to call for his job.