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Predicting CBS analyst Bret Bielema's controversial Bama-Ole Miss quotes

The head coach expects to be on your television this weekend. He tends to say things that people remember.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema says he will join CBS as a studio analyst for No. 3 Alabama's showdown with No. 11 Ole Miss.

It appears Bielema will just be in the studio, meaning we won't be treated to his comments throughout the game in the booth with Uncles Verne and Gary. This still will get interesting, as the head Hog has a quotatious tendency.

Bielema sees this as a recruiting opportunity, based on his "unbelievable exposure" quote. So let's predict the headlines we'll see about each of his SEC West rivals after Saturday.

  • CBS' Bielema laments thousands killed by Auburn's offense
  • CBS' Bielema blasts Mississippi State as "Rutgers with a Zaxby's"
  • CBS' Bielema guffaws at Les Miles' vegetarianism
  • CBS' Bielema suggests Aggie conspiracy to rig overtime rules
  • CBS' Bielema bashes Bama for abandoning normal, American football
  • CBS' Bielema condemns Freeze for stealing recruits, breaking Big Ten honor code