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Cincinnati football staffer fired after sex abuse arrest

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Antrione Archer, Cincinnati's director of player development, allegedly "placed his exposed penis" against the backside of a woman at a grocery store.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Cincinnati fired its director of player development, Antrione Archer, after learning he had been arrested for sexual abuse. The abuse was reported in May, but the university did not hear about it until Sept. 26. The alleged details are disturbing:

According to court records, police said Archer was in the Fort Mitchell Kroger May 27 and asked a 73-year-old employee for help finding some vitamins. Police said while she was helping him, Archer quote, "pulled his penis from his pants," and also, "placed his exposed penis against her backside." Police said he did this several times at different locations throughout the store.

Archer's job as director of player development was to "mentor" players, and to "help them grow," according to an interview he did with Bearcat Journal. He also discussed how the program tries to educate players on sexual conduct:

"You have to have trust in the players,"he said. "We talk to them about carrying themselves in the right way and being around the right people. A couple weeks ago we did a session on sexual conduct to give them some education on keeping themselves out of any situations they shouldn't be in. Luckily, we really haven't had many issues."

Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn explained the timeline in a brief statement: