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Michigan fans (and corgis!) protest to fire Dave Brandon

For an unorganized rally, the crowd got pretty big.

Michigan fans held an on-campus rally on Tuesday in an effort to get athletic director Dave Brandon fired for both his missteps as the face of the program and the football program's inept response to quarterback Shane Morris's concussion in Saturday's game.

There was doubt that the rally would even happen, because it didn't even seem to be organized by anyone.

But the media was out in full force — they even had a news helicopter circling overhead. The first student to show up was wearing an Ohio State hoodie in protest of Brandon.

A corgi came early to get a good seat, as well, but wasn't as adamant about firing Brandon as the fan with the OSU hoodie.


And of course, people had clever signs.

The crowd grew and got some people to lead chants.

The media made sure to get the opinion of MGoBlog founder Brian Cook.

Some not great things happened, too.