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Former Cane Phillip Buchanon calls out Miami: 'The BS is not working'

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The former All-American was not happy with his alma mater's effort Monday.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Miami got blown the heck out Monday night by Louisville, following up an uninspired bowl defeat to the Cardinals with an uninspired ACC defeat to the same team (who were breaking in a new coaching staff).

Former Miami players Devin Hester and Lamar Thomas have already reacted to the loss (in quite different ways -- Hester was teased by an NFL teammate, and Louisville assistant Thomas is recruiting against Miami), but former All-American Hurricane Phillip Buchanon took to Twitter for his breakdown on the losing effort.

Buchanon particularly singled out Miami's defensive line.

Buchanon called out Miami's coaching staff (especially head coach Al Golden) and gave his 12-step process for Miami's improvement.

Oh, and that "Folden" in number 9? It's not a typo: seems Buchanon has a special nickname for Miami's head coach.