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FSU opens Title IX investigation into Jameis Winston allegation

The quarterback, who was accused of a sexual assault in 2012, is now the subject of a legally mandated school Title IX investigation.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State University has started a disciplinary inquiry into the sexual assault allegations brought by a former Florida State student against quarterback Jameis Winston nearly two years ago. Winston was never charged with any crime for the alleged assault.

This is part of a Title IX investigation. According to the law, schools must investigate alleged sex crimes, whether law enforcement investigates them or not. The school already investigated two of Winston's teammates, Ronald Darby and Chris Casher, regarding the same alleged incident. Darby was cleared in such an investigation in June.

An attorney named John Clune, who is representing the woman, told the New York Times he was pleased with the investigation, which apparently included more than an hour of university officials asking the accuser questions. He also told USA Today that he expects code of conduct charges to be brought against Winston, but there's no other indication suggesting that will happen.

Why did it take so long for an investigation to take place? Florida State's statement attempts to address that concern.


Update: Winston's representation responds: