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Fan's 'Ohio against the world' shirt tells College Football Playoff story

Remember when everyone complained about the Buckeyes even being in the Playoff?

As of this point in the third quarter, No. 4 Ohio State has tripled No. 1 Alabama's yardage, 452 to 150. As of this writing, the underdog Buckeyes hold a 27-21 lead over the Tide and are threatening to extend that advantage.

It was clear at the time that more than four teams deserved to go to the Playoff. Bama deserved it, Oregon definitely deserved it, FSU was undefeated, and TCU and Baylor should've been in, too. Four was just a bad number this year.

But giving Bama all it can handle leaves no doubt that you belong.

Here's why Ohio State made the Playoff, by the way.