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Oregon's top healthy WR is suspended. Might Bralon Addison suit up?

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We probably won't know for sure until right before the game.

Oregon lost their leading returning receiver before the season when Bralon Addison (61 catches, 890 yards in 2013) tore his ACL in April. The junior could make a surprise return Monday in the national title game against Ohio State, after top replacement Darren Carrington was suspended, but the Ducks aren't committing one way or the other about their plans ahead of the most important game of the season.

Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost said Addison is "healthy and ready to go," but there is one concern with having the junior take the field. Playing Addison would require Oregon to burn his redshirt, knocking off a season of eligibility and preventing him from being able to play in 2016. Wide receivers coach Matt Lubick said such a decision would be "unwise," and reportedly said Addison would not play.

As for Addison himself, the wide receiver said he'll be "playing it by ear."

Among all of Oregon's injury-ravaged positions, wide receiver might be the only one they could handle losing a top player from. They have good depth, and Lubick says this is the healthiest the unit has been all year. The Ducks' offense also has quarterback Marcus Mariota spread the ball around, using a number of explosive offensive weapons.