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The SEC's title run has come to a permanent end

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: PFT Commenter's strong takes are presented as satire. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional. We think.

The College Football Playoff is over and even though Im not so much a fan of the college game I have to admit I enjoyed it. I always say that every time you watch a football game you should learn something new and I literally relished my time as a student of student atheletes. .

So what did I learn? Was it that the metrosexual Oregon Ducks can wear all the glitty uniforms they want but there not real men until they get a ring? Was it that Ohio States Cardale Jones is 6'10 315 lb bulldozer of a man that Mack Brown thinks could make a excellent nose tackle someday? Was it that the NFL competiton committee should learn from the success of the college game and force NFL players to be fulltime students pursuing a advanced degree degree for as long as there in the NFL? Yes to all those things but also no.

The important thing I learned is that it showed us that you cant spell S-E-C without B-C-S. In this new system, the south is dead. Dead-dead. Not going to rise again any time soon dead. Mark my words- the SEC will never win a champonship in a post-BCS world.

First of all, after watching Selma I have to ask if anyones suprised that a bunch of people from the South were to reliant on a flawed polling system. I find it hard to beleve that literally Alabama and Missisippi and Tennessee and Arkansaw and Florida and Georgia and Lousiana were overly reliant on a corrupt system of misplaced power.  Secondly the new four team system clearley favored rust-belt schools since you cant spell "playoffs" without "layoffs" thats a fact- and people forget that.

In late October everyone was tripping all over there trucknuts at SEC speed to say that were going to have 3 out of 4 playoff teams be from the Southeast. Now I'll give you the fact that 75% in the south is technicaly a B+ but what happened later was a udder failure as SEC West teams went 2-5. It should come as no suprise to anyone who watches football that the once "best" conference is now basically minor league college football.

Kind of ironic that for a change its the SEC who should be investigated for fraud IMO.

What is beyond all queston is that the SEC was is basicaly a big Honey Boo Boo beauty pagent filled with talentless teams from the same areas that just wont stop making each other look good by comparson.  Its only natural that if you spend 4 months staring at a bunch of people from Missisippi then your going to think the first person you see from Alabama is the bell of the ball so I cant fault Condoleeza Rice for trusting the evidence she was given a little too much- a lone blemish on a otherwise pristine record of determining which organizatons pose the biggest risk to others.

But I have a soluton:

The NCAA should give the SEC its own playoff and then let them work themselves into a cute little lather trying to convince America that its the real natonal championship. No offense but since no one from the south reads any news thats not printed on a bazooka joe gum wrapper, we can just humor them if we happen to run into them at a gun shop or courthouse and say "Oh Bama beat LSU by a score of 5 to negative 3 this year in your final? Yep your the real champion allright." Not to be stereotyping the south.

Thats not to say that Oregon is any better. I mean Lets talk about the Ducks real quick. I call them "End the fed" because the name Ore-gon literally translates to "leaving the gold standard." And with the rinky dink offenses that have taken over the college game, Id say we left the golden era of college football when Tino Sunseri graduated. Oregons offense sure is offensive and I wouldnt draft a QB from Eugene to do any thing besides wash my ex girlfreinds car. Doug from twitter (you may of heard of him) called him JaMarcus Mariotta last night and I cant say I disagree folks.

Now Im not saying that we should just declare OSU the national champon either. In football theres never going to be a true champion- right now the Buckeyes are in the first place- but its a process, theres no beginning or end. Your only as good as your next win and Urban Meyers squad might not even be favored in there next game- a road contest verse Virginia Tech.

Ohio State played better than Oregon not that thats anything to really brag about. Pick up any biology textbook outside of Texas and youll see that Ducks have been genetcally imprinted to follow the leader which is why there always going to be in second place at best. Cardale Jones is good if you like your QB to be electrifying I guess, but In my day a dual-threat college QB was a guy who could pass a pigskin just as well as he passed a final exam. Theres a old football saying that if you have the three best QBs in the entire country, you dont really have 1 and if Urban Meyer is going to control his programs he better spend a summer studying Charlie Weisses playbook on how to manage large Eggos.

Mean while Ezekiel Elliot gave a entire new meaning to showing off the belly option, and frankly Im not one to shout conspiracy from the roof top but the whole thing screamed "coverup". Another B1G problem I have with OSU is the fact that they seem to free helmet stickers in Columbus like there tattoos. In my day if I wanted a helmet sticker I had to steal one off of a better players equipment. Nowdays its almost like they give you a buckeye for every class you dont attend and its disgracefull.

In spite of the obvious flaws in there own game, Ohio State proved that if the college playoffs were to be held tomorrow they would most likeley be ranked number 1- and judging by all those plants they have on there helmets they need all the seeding help they can get.