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Hey, NFL media, Cardale Jones wasn't the first college player to announce he's staying

Maybe we can all find something else to get super worked up about?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Thursday, quarterback Cardale Jones appeared at a press conference to announce he's coming back to Ohio State instead of entering the NFL Draft.

This is despite winning the Big Ten, Sugar Bowl, and National Championship in three career starts and possessing extra-ideal pro physical traits. He made this decision while saying lots of great things about getting his degree in order to set an example for local kids and younger family members.

Great story!

Naturally, NFL media members pitched a balled-up-fists fit at the idea of a player offering quotes to media, days after bawling themselves hoarse at the idea of Marshawn Lynch doing the opposite, with no face more scrunched than that of NBC Sports' Mike Florio.

Florio, the robust automated sentence generator, wrote this after Jones' announcement:

"My decision was very simple," Jones said.  "I'm gonna return next year for school."

If it was simple, why a press conference?  Why the hubbub?  Why the pomp and/or circumstance?

"I don't know why you guys made this such a big deal," Jones said.

It was Jones that made it a big deal.  It was Jones that made it an unnecessary distraction and attention grab.  And it will be Jones who'll have to live this one down.

So why call it a "life-changing decision"?

"Because the way I'm gonna get viewed now and the way I'm gonna go about my business is completely different," Jones said.

Yes.  He's now going to be viewed as a guy who indulged in a goofy publicity stunt when all he had to do to stay in school was to do nothing.

And, yet to recover, followed with this a day later:

The reaction to the press conference possibly has taught Jones more than anything he'll earn at "The" over the next year.  Even if someone else thought it would be a good idea and Jones didn't, Jones is the guy who catches the flak for it.

But those who nudged Jones to have the press conference (and presumably not to leave school) should catch plenty of flak, too.

The following can all be found within five minutes of Googling, as I've just done for the edification of Mr. Florio, whose opinions are awful every time. There are many more.

Matt Barkley

Colt Brennan

La'el Collins

Brett Hundley

Taylor Lewan

Ryan Mallett

Peyton Manning

Dak Prescott

Tim Tebow