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Guys who run Texas and A&M websites get into no-holds-barred Twitter brawl

From a radio invite to threats of violence and a courtroom interrogation, in under an hour!

You guys could meet here to fight for real.
You guys could meet here to fight for real.
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This is Geoff Ketchum, publisher of Texas website, inviting Billy Liucci, co-owner of Texas A&M website, onto his radio show.

Suspecting an ambush, Liucci declines.

The spark that ignited the powder keg: the two disagree, apparently, on which school five-star quarterback recruit Kyler Murray will attend. No one really knows.

The numbers have now been established. Onward to longer-simmering business.

Liucci stings Ketchum, but Ketchum swings back with all his might. The lightning round interview portion begins.

It should be noted at this point that most casual observers would've long concluded both men are fans of the teams they cover (which is cool with us!).

Ketchum intensifies the barrage.

But Liucci will only put up with this treatment for so long. Watch as a devastating torrent of violence pours forth.

I can't find any definition of the word "bitch" that relates to critical thinking.

Don't be fooled. Liucci is not yet taking a break. He is, however, providing content.

It's like watching Court TV!

Both men return to their corners, arms raised in triumph.

One note of respect emerges from the post-fight statements.

To the score card: judges?

(Texas and Texas A&M, please play actual football again soon before all your media outlets get in an alley fight.)