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Ohio State vs. Oregon trivia! National championship two truths and a lie

We'll tell you three things about Oregon and Ohio State. You tell us which one is false.

Do you think you know the universities competing in the first College Football Playoff championship game?

Let's play that classic game of trivia, two truths and a lie. The rules are simple: We'll give you three statements. You pick out which one isn't true. Ready?

Heisman Trophies

1. Ohio State has won a record seven Heisman trophies.

2. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, who won the 2014 Heisman Trophy, appeared on the largest number of ballots of any Heisman winner ever.

3. Oregon and Ohio State combine for the most Heismans in any title game since the beginning of the BCS era in 1998.

THE LIE: 3. While Ohio State and Oregon have eight combined Heismans -- seven from the Buckeyes -- they fall short of the 2004 National Championship Game, in which USC and Oklahoma (with 11 all-time Heisman winners) squared off. This year's game ties for second-most with the 2012 Alabama-Notre Dame game and the 2008 Oklahoma-Florida game.


1. The Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State has been played more times than Ohio State-Michigan.

2. In the 110-year history of Ohio State-Michigan, a No. 1 team has never lost.

3. In 1960, an Oregon student abducted the Oregon State homecoming queen and left a ransom note demanding that the Oregon State student body president ride a scooter to Eugene to get her back.

THE LIE: 2. The No. 1 Buckeyes lost to Michigan in 1969, but No. 1 teams are 6-1-1 in the series.

(But seriously, someone kidnapped the homecoming queen. This is how you get a football game named after a war. That's some medieval tomfoolery.)

Super Bowl

1. Monday's title game will be the first since 2010's in which neither school has ever produced a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

2. Ohio State is the only Ohio university to produce both a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and a Super Bowl-winning coach.

3. Oregon has never been the alma mater of a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, coach, or Most Valuable Player.

THE LIE: 2, which is technically two lies. Ohio State has never had a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, though Super Bowl V-winning coach Don McCaffery was a Buckeye. But one of the few schools that has produced both a Super Bowl winner at coach and quarterback is just 110 miles away in Oxford, Ohio: Miami University, which can lay claim to a pair of Super Bowl-winning coaches (Webb Eubank and John Harbaugh) and one quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger).

Famous academic products

1. Oregon alums have combined to win the prestigious lifetime E.G.O.T.: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

2. Just seven years after Archie Griffin won back-to-back Heismans, Ohio State researchers landed back-to-back Nobel Prizes in physics.

3. Donald Malarkey, the Easy Company sergeant made famous in the Stephen Ambrose book and HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, graduated from Oregon two years after returning from Europe.

THE LIE: 1. A number of Oregon alums have won Emmys, and both Hollywood editor Joe Hutshing and set designer Dennis Gassner have won Oscars. Jeff Whitty, a 1993 graduate, won the Tony Award in 2004. But while Oregon has given us such artists as Cherry Poppin' Daddies lead singer Steve Perry (not that Steve Perry), no Duck has won a Grammy.


1. Ohio State won its 35th Big Ten football championship in December, but is still seven behind Michigan.

2. Oregon has been a member of the Pac-12 and its predecessors since it was created in 1915.

3. The Ducks' Rose Bowl appearance on January 1 was their seventh all-time, the sixth-most of any Pac-12 program.

THE LIE: 2. Oregon joined the then-Pacific Coast Conference in 1915, along with Cal, Washington and Oregon State. Washington State, Stanford, USC, Idaho and Montana joined over the next decade, with UCLA rounding out the initial 10 members in 1928. But when a recruiting scandal, in which booster clubs were arranging no-show jobs for football recruits, broke in the late 1950s, the conference disbanded.

Cal, USC, UCLA and Washington -- the four schools at the center of the controversy -- reformed as a four-team conference the next year. Oregon spent five years as an independent before rejoining its old conference-mates in 1964, in what was known as the Pac-8 Conference.


1. Donald Duck, of Walt Disney fame, was based on the Oregon Duck.

2. Before creating Brutus the Buckeye in 1968, Ohio State students considered bringing a live buck deer to games as the Buckeyes' mascot.

3. Former Oregon coach Jerry Frei requested that the Duck be remade with teeth to look angrier.

THE LIE: 1. The Oregon Duck is based on Walt Disney's Donald Duck, with the blessing of the legendary cartoonist, and was chosen in 1947 to replace the live duck mascots Oregon had used for the previous 25 years. Turns out a duck on a leash wasn't much liked by the Humane Society.

Famous (non-football) sports progeny

1. While Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers played at Pac-12 rival UCLA, former NBA forward Stan Love, his father, was an Oregon Duck and graduated in 1971.

2. Not only is he the greatest golfer of all time, but Ohio State attendee and honorary graduate Jack Nicklaus is the grandfather of Florida State tight end Nick O'Leary. You probably heard about this on every FSU broadcast this year.

3. Not only did former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner attend Ohio State, but he sent his sons (and current Yankees owners) Hank and Hal Steinbrenner to the school.

THE LIE: 3. While it's true that Big Stein got his master's from Ohio State, his sons stayed away from Columbus. Hal got his degree from Williams and a graduate degree from Florida, while Hank attended Central Methodist University.

Also, here is Oregon great Stan Love's mustache: