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The 'Fire Al Golden' banners have followed Miami all the way to Cincinnati

Guys, you really need to find something better to do.

You can say a lot of things about people who would pay for an airplane banner proclaiming the need to fire a college football coach. With regards to the Miami fans who have been urging the dismissal of Al Golden via airplane banners, they are nothing if not persistent, as the banners have followed the team all the way to Cincinnati before the Hurricanes' game against the Bearcats.

This is the third -- THIRD! -- time this season that Miami fans have taken to the skies with this very message. Hell, the last time, they even said how expensive it was. I have a hard time believing some lunatic flew this banner all the way up to Ohio from South Florida, but honestly, there's a non-zero possibility they did.

Miami's been far from perfect, but I'd like to also note that the team is currently 3-0. They're not 0-3 and scraping bottom, they're undefeated, and Hurricane fans are still losing it. Miami has its hands full on Thursday night against Cincinnati, so who knows how bad it will get once they start losing games.