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A reporter implied Randy Edsall is about to get fired, and Randy Edsall did not like it

Somebody thought they spotted Randy Edsall's goodbye to his players. It was just his regular pregame routine.

Randy Edsall shook hands with his players before Maryland's game against Ohio State. This is not noteworthy: He does it before every game. However, with rumors swirling that this game would be Edsall's last, one reporter asked him about it, implying that it was a sign Edsall knew his time was limited. Edsall DID NOT APPRECIATE IT.

Although Edsall's answer was supposed to make it clear nothing was out of the ordinary ... it sure sounds like something's out of the ordinary. It's tough to maintain dignity in the face of people openly implying that you're about to get fired.

In case you're wondering who's clapping at the end: some Maryland boosters.