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FSU makes fun of 'Fire Al Golden' banners after beating Miami for 6th year in a row

This is so mean, I can't even see straight right now. Rivalries are great.

The visual reference here: Miami fans have been flying "Fire Al Golden" banners at just about every Hurricanes game of the season before this one. This shade is so incomprehensibly brutal, I am having trouble breathing. (And yeah, he's really close to fired now.)

Consider it retaliation for Miami creating a working website just for FSU fans to dump their Internet trolling into. However, by doing so, the Canes merely courted the supreme fount of all trolling.

Shade occurred on the field as well, where defensive end DeMarcus Walker inverted Miami's The U hand sign (it kind of looks like the n). Via ABC:

Uncle Luke isn't gonna like any of this.