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South Florida executes a perfect reverse flea flicker for a touchdown bomb

There is a trend sweeping across college football. It's not the latest in spread offense innovations, or even the pop pass. It's the reverse flea flicker. South Florida is the latest team to join the evolution and ran the play wonderfully to connect on a 42-yard touchdown in its win against Syracuse.

The traditional flea flicker has been around for a long time. The quarterback hands off to the running back who runs forward before lobbing the ball back to the quarterback. If it works, the defense is caught attacking the run and the quarterback finds a wide open receiver. The old version is apparently no longer sufficient. Teams are now adding a new wrinkle and it's proving to be an effective one.

South Florida caught Syracuse off guard for a long touchdown.  Earlier this season, Memphis hit the same play against Bowling Green for a game-tying touchdown.

Out with the old, boring flea flicker, in with the new, more awesome reverse flea flicker. Long live the reverse flea flicker.