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Steve Spurrier is retiring now as South Carolina's head coach, per multiple reports

One of the best coaches and best quotes in college football history won't be on the sidelines much longer.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is retiring, according to Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans and others.

"An interim head coach will be named Tuesday morning at 8:30 ET," reports. FS also tweeted that this is "effective immediately." Offensive line coach Shawn Elliott is expected to be named the interim head coach, according to ESPN.

Spurrier has a 228–89–2 record as a college head coach, finding measures of rarely precedented success at each of Duke, Florida and his current gig. The 1996 national championship, seven conference titles and nine conference coach of the year awards lead his résumé.

The 1966 Heisman Trophy winner will be remembered as the greatest coach in the history of two SEC East programs to this point. He's beloved by Gators and Gamecocks alike; our Carolina site has a collection of stories on Spurrier's decade, and the Florida fans at EDSBS regularly mimic his way with really mean words.

There's a clear reason for that part, as Spurrier's perhaps the best quote in college football history. Just a few months ago, he dropped off some jewels at SEC Media Days, then scooted out to Arby's, all of which has become an annual tradition.

Spurrier's used his platform for more than just sniping at Tennessee as of late, advocating repeatedly for players to get a bigger piece of the college sports revenue pie and calling for the takedown of South Carolina's Confederate flag eight years before it actually happened.

The golf enthusiast also coached Washington's NFL team for a couple years in there, but nobody really cares about that much.


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