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Bret Bielema appears to instigate penalty on Alabama player, flops and celebrates

Just another day in the life of BERT.

After an Alabama interception late in the second quarter against Arkansas, Tide offensive tackle Cam Robinson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. It appeared Robinson was in the face of Arkansas coach Bret Bielema and a number of Razorbacks players, but a video has surfaced that makes it look like Bielema was the instigator.

Bielema runs toward Robinson, gets in his face, flops and gets the flag. Then he does a big celebration on the field. Arkansas got the ball moved to the 12-yard line as a result and scored a touchdown on the drive.

The SEC released a statement.

These kinds of antics are par for the course with Bielema, and they're why he's mocked and hated in many circles. In just the past calendar year, Bielema has criticized Ohio State's strength of schedule (then lost to Toledo), trolled Texas and angered every spread offense coach.


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