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Everything to know about Steve Spurrier not being a head coach any more :(

Good morning! It's your wakeup roundup of college football stuff.

SEC Network, via Chris Vannini

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier officially resigned Tuesday, clarifying that he's not retiring from coaching and might take up a high school job at some point. Gamecocks offensive line coach Shawn Elliott will act as interim coach for the rest of the season.

The tributes to the Head Ball Coach came from everywhere, from noted Florida fan Spencer Hallfrom Ric Flair and a ton of coaches and players and Dale Earnhardt Jr., and even at ClemsonHe leaves as SC's greatest coach ever after being able to claim the same at UF, and if anyone's mad about him stepping down in the middle of a season, Gamecocks fans aren't, and players don't seem to be.

Meanwhile, the debate began as to Spurrier's long-term replacement. And with both USCs looking for coaches, an eternal debate about the true USC was reignited.

Somehow, during all that, the Gamecocks beat Florida, LSU and others for a four-star defensive tackle commit. Recruiting was already disappointing and was expected to take a dive post-Spurrier, but that's a good sign.

Coachsearchin'. While South Carolina adjusts to life after Spurrier, coaching searches are underway at Southern Cal, which could be focused on Chip Kelly, and at Maryland, which might begin and end with Chip Kelly.

Everyone is retiring today. Bevo XIV, the longtime mascot of the University of Texas, is retiring after being diagnosed with cancer.

Barely a drop-off to backup QB "Bill Gruyere." Is it possible that a Will-Grier-less Florida remains the SEC East frontrunner? Bill Connelly says probably, thanks to this defense.

Mark Richt has lost control of the narrative. Georgia fans are so conflicted over whether to fire Mark Richt that they are talking to themselves. FIRE MARK RICHTDON'T FIRE MARK RICHT! RUN THE DANG FOOTBALL!

Oh yeah, actual games. Our Playoff committee convened to decide the Final Four if things ended today. Utah! Clemson! Why not?

#FUNBELT vs. #MACTION. In six minutes last night against South Alabama, Arkansas State went from down by 11 to up by 18. The MAC felt obligated to defend its weeknight weirdball turf on Twitter.

The only one still playing somebody is Mike Riley. PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY asks the question: What's the better job, South Carolina or Maryland? Or Nebraska?

Fun with historical figure equivalency: Adjusting to life in Provo is tough, but one BYU receiver emphasizes it pales in comparison to what Jesus and Tupac faced. Specifically those two, yes.

At least that Connecticut rivalry is still alive. Central Florida's 0-6 start has probably eliminated any chance of a Power 5 promotion (also, Toledo leads the Underdogs Poll).

Welcome back to relevance, Ann Arbor! With both teams suddenly in Playoff contention, Michigan-Michigan State might well be the most important game on Saturday.

A face only a deacon could love. Wake Forest 3 - Boston College 0 is one of those things that's so ugly that it's pretty.

Can a monumental win be a bad thing? Iowa State looks back at the four years since an earth-shaking upset of Oklahoma State and asks if the Cyclones would have been better off losing.

If Ohio State doesn't lose soon, that'll be a surprise to the numbers.


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