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Look at this f***ing punt

Good lord, it's perfect.

No. 7 Michigan State and No. 12 Michigan are having a crucial in-state showdown in Ann Arbor, and the stakes are high. The Wolverines started with the ball but couldn't get much going, and that's when Blake O'Neill, Michigan's Australian punter, took the damn bull by the horns and sent a football screaming to the heavens.

When the play was over, this punt was officially an 80-yard blast. This, somehow, was not quite enough to beat the all-time Michigan record of 82 yards, held by Monte Robbins. But a punt doesn't need a record to be appreciated by the public. Not only did O'Neill absolutely crush that poor ball, but it had the roll once it landed and picked up another 15 yards or so on the bounce, settling inside the Michigan State two yard line. The line of scrimmage on that play was the Michigan 18.

If it's possible to punt a football better than this, I'd like to see it.

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